The result of my First Driving Test in Niigata, Driving License Center


So this blog is just a continuation of my blog on how to get a Japanese driver’s license here in Niigata. This is part 3 of my blog and I’m going to share with you all the things that I encountered in this journey.

Last week February 25, 2020, was my first ever driving test, scheduled at 9:00 am in the morning. When we arrived at the center there are three foreigners that are set to take the exams on that day. One male examinee is from Vietnam, one male from Sri Lanka and of course yours truly from the Philippines. They asked all the documents one by one and the officer asked everyone to fill out two-piece of papers.

  1. Application Form
Medical form from Niigata driving center.
According to my husband, this paper has something to do about medical terms. He did not discuss this that much but he just asks me to check the no for all the questions.
Niigata Application form for driving test.
Next is the application form where we need to put an address and my name. Payment is required too for 2,250 yen for the stamp.

2. Eye Check-Up

After we submitted papers the officer advises the applicant to wait for the eye check-up. The eye check-up questioned on color and directions. They showed me the letter C facing in different directions and one needs to tell where is the C facing. The applicant must know the Japanese term of the top-down, left and right. The color should be in Japanese too such as Midori, aka, Kiro. All of us passed the eye check-up. Just make sure not to wear glasses or contact lenses during the eye test.

3. Written Test

The written test is composed of 10 questions answerable by true or False. They gave us an answer sheet where we shaded down our chosen answer. The written test offers many languages such as Vietnam, Japanese, Tagalog, English, Chinese and etc. Personally, I chose English for the written test as my reviewer from the very start is in English. Thay gave us 10 minutes to answer the 10 questions. Finished or not we must put down our pen at the end of the 10 minutes. The answer is somehow easy to pass as I guess the answer are very obvious. All of us luckily passed the paper test and that’s the time we proceed to the actual driving test.

4. Actual Driving Test

During the submission of my requirements. The officer gave us two kinds of courses which is the course 1 and course 2. On the day of the exam, they announced that the course will be the course 2. The examinee is expected to know the right directions, positions of the car, and when to winker. By the way, I enroll 2 hours from a driving school here in Japan to get some tips on how to pass the test.

The first one who called to do the driving test is the foreigner from Vietnam, using the automatic car of the driving license center they started the test. After a few minutes that the Vietnamese left the starting point, we noticed that they are heading back so fast to the starting point. And we guessed that he got an automatic failed because he didn’t know where to go or he didn’t memorize the course. I was called the second one to do the driving test using the automatic car. I did the things that I do during my practice. I still don’t know what will be the result but I was able to finish the course. The last one who did the test is the Sri Lankan, he drove the truck with a clutch. I sense that he drove the truck so well and finish the course successfully. After a few minutes, the instructor called the Sri Lankan and he’s the only one who passed the driving test on that day. The second one that was called was me, and the result was- I FAILED on my first driving test. The officer explains that its because I’m driving too far from the left. I should drive just near the white line of the left side so there will be no bike that can get in while I’m driving. This is the first time that I will be driving in my whole life and I just learned to drive 1 month ago but at least the complaint of the officer is only one, and its because I’m not driving the left side enough of the road. Now I am preparing for my second drive test, scheduled the second week of March. My husband is working away from our home so nobody is around to teach me. Wishing that someone will focus on me while I do the practice. In the meantime, I will wait for the day that my husband will come back from his work to teach me and hope I pass the test on my second attempt. Please wish me luck. 🙂 I will update all of you once my second driving test result is done, may it be fail again or pass.

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