What to do in Bangkok Thailand in One day


On the last month of December 2019, our family has a long month trip in some of the countries in South-East Asia. Our first plan is to go to Myanmar so we flew to Thailand International Airport from Japan via ANA Airlines. We arrived early for our flight to Thailand so we stayed inside the ANA lounge.

Our ANA domestic flight from Niigata to Tokyo.
This is our ANA Domestic flight to Narita Airport.

Just before we planned our trip we are very busy too for our migration here in Japan, so we did not focus on our future trip that much as we are all busy fixing the new schools for our kids. Preparation is so rush as well as we used most of our time to prepare a lot of school requirements for the children. Even when we are already at Narita Airport ANA Lounge, we are still booking some of the hotels that we are going to stop by in different countries. Luggage is in a rush as well as we didn’t have enough time to focus on the packing during our trip. If we did not bring something we just thought of buying it somewhere. Even we are so busy we managed to flew in time for our longest trip ever.

ANA Narita International Airport Lounge.
Here is our daughter waiting for the food from ANA Narita Lounge International Airport.
ANA Narita Lounge served this delicious sushi.
Lucky to catch this batch of sushi at the ANA lounge.
Hot Ramen of ANA Narita Lounge.
Kids ate hot Ramen and rice balls inside the ANA lounge.

After all the bookings we did in the lounge and have eaten delicious Japanese foods we head on to our departure gate and waited for our flight to Thailand. Departed by 6:35 PM at Narita Airport and arrived at Thailand International Airport by around 12 in the morning. Note that Tokyo or Japan is 2 hours ahead of Thailand.

Thailand International Airport.
Passed 12 in the morning arrived at Thailand International Airport.
Villa Cha-Cha Hotel at Thailand.
Terms and Conditions of the hotel we stayed for one night in Thailand.

We stayed for 1 day in Thailand to wait for our next flight. While waiting for our flight we decided to see some touristy places in Thailand. We arrived in Bangkok Thailand International Airport at 2:30 AM on December 7, 2019. Outside the airport are taxis waiting for the passengers.

Thailand metered Taxi.
We are able to get in a taxi so fast as the procedure in getting the car was just so easy. We show the address to the taxi driver and the driver easily navigated us to our hotel. After about 30 minutes of travel from the airport, we are able to find our hotel.
Our Family room in Villa Cha-cha Hotel.
Our family room at Villa Cha-Cha, they brought us to one of their extension hotels as the main hotel is fully booked. The room is clean, the aircon is working well and the toilet, bathroom are both organized inside.

Just before we sleep we manage to find an open restaurant that allowed guests to take out food from their restaurant. It doesn’t look so pleasant especially the packaging but it was the best food we had in Thailand. The price is just very affordable but the taste was really unforgettable and delicious.

Thai Fried Rice and Hot Noodle Soup.
The food we took out from the restaurant near the Villa CHa-Cha hotel.
Villa Cha-Cha view from our room.
This is the view outside our balcony.
The view just outside of our hotel room.
The view inside the Villa Cha-Cha just outside our room. We are on the second floor of the hotel.
The restaurant facing our hotel.
The restaurant just in front of Villa Cha-Cha 2 and it actually surrounded by different kinds of restaurants that offers a variety of Thai foods.

We wake up at 8 AM and we were able to check some of the famous places near our hotel. Tokyo is 2 hours ahead of Thailand. All our hotel bookings were made via agoda.com. After eating our breakfast we are ready to explore the city. The first stop is the Bangkok National Museum.

The street of Kaho San Road Bangkok Thailand.
The street we passed going to Bangkok National Museum.

The National Museum of Bangkok Thailand

We decided to visit here as we know this will be interesting for all of us especially t our kids who are eager to hear a story of different countries. From here, our children were able to see the antiques of Thailand and the funeral of the early king from history.

The national Museum of Thailand.
Arrived at the National Museum at around 10:00 am walking distance from our hotel.
National Museum of Bangkok Thailand Ticket.
The price of a ticket for adults visitor in the National Museum is 200 Baht each, while still free of charge for kids ages 3-6 years of age.
Number of Visitors in National Museum Bangkok Thailand.
Guests will receive a sticker as well after you pay and got the ticket. This number is corresponding to the number of visitor counts on that day. Since we are a bit late the people are in a large number and the lines were so long. So if you are planning to see the museum you may want to come early at 8 Am in the morning to avoid the crowds.
Lines in front of Bangkok National Museum ticketing office.
The long lines of people who want to get a glimpse of the museum. It was Sunday when we visited the Museum so there are many local visitors at that time.
Coffins for the kings used in Bangkok Thailand.
The coffins used for the kings in the Early History of Thailand.

It is not so strict inside the Museum, as a matter of fact, anyone can take a picture of objects inside. There is also a small restaurant that you may visit inside the museum if you feel hungry after a long walk. Thailand foods are really one of the best food we tasted so anything from their menu will surely love by the visitors. Price is very affordable too.

Bangkok National Museum Restaurant.
The chicken noodle soup with rice noodles and vegetables, spicy ground pork with eggs and rice, rice noodle soup are the foods for our lunch inside the museum. I think we order the rice twice as the kids were so hungry by that time.
Inside the National Museum of Thailand.
One of the sections from the museum where there are many antiques from different dynasties of Thailand.
Antique from Bangkok Thailand.
A Buddha’s footprint from the 15th century.
Inside the National Museum of Bangkok Thailand.

By 12 Noon we decided to move to our next destination which is the Wat Pho.

Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand

This is a temple of reclining Buddha nearby the museum. We rode the toktok or tricycle from the museum to Wat Pho temple and drove for about 10 minutes. Just be very careful in choosing a toktok driver as sometimes drivers tend to ask a higher fare. Traffic can be heavy as well during late afternoon so if you have a flight and you need to pass the center of Bangkok made sure to leave very early. We noticed a huge number of foreigners as well at the entrance of the temple. We bought tickets and went inside the temple.

The Wat Pho Temple Ticketing Office.
The ticket counter at the Wat Pho Temple.

Proper dressing is advised to all the visitors of the temple. Wearing Bare skin clothes is strictly prohibited.

Dress code guidelines inside the Wat Pho Temple.
Proper Dress codesign can be seen inside the temple.
Wat Pho Tickets for adult.
This is the ticket at WAT PHO temple costs 200 Baht for adults which comes with a free drinking bottle for each ticket. Children are still free.
Removal of Shoed sing inside the Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand.
Going inside the temple will require visitors to remove shoes as a sign of respect. The above picture is the actual signage on the removal of shoes before entering the temple, it is shown everywhere inside the temple.
Pick pocket sing in Wat Pho Temple.
There is another sign at the entrance of the temple to alarm visitors to be very extra vigilant of a pickpocket, especially when the people are too crowded inside the temple.

Our kids are with us so we had a large backpack most of our tour. There are temples of the museum that bringing of large bags inside are not allowed and before you enter you need to drop your belongings at the counter. If you are alone or no kids at all small belt bag or any tiny bag that will fit all your important belongings such as credit card or cash is enough to carry around the temple.

The reclining Budhha at Bangkok Thailand.
The upper part of the Reclining Buddha.
Bangkok Reclining Buddha.
The reclining Buddha is so huge when you see it closely.
Cup of coins at Reclining Buddha Thailand.
Besides the reclining Buddha is these coins counter where visitors can buy one cup of coins for 20 Baht.
Coins pot at Reclining Buddha Bangkok Thailand.
Then you need to put the coins in a bigger pot line up on the hallway of the temple, a belief that whoever drops the coins will give a good fortune.
Shoe Bags In front of the Temple at Reclining Buddha.
There are other parts of the temple where you will put your shoes on a big plastic bag and carry it while inside the temple. Then you have to return the plastic bag at this big container.
Pagoda in Wat pho Temple.
One of our favorite inside the Wat Pho Temple is this beautiful Pagoda.

After we check the Wat Pho tower we decided to go back to our hotel and pick up our luggage and decided to just stay at the airport to wait for our flight to Myanmar. It was 3 PM in the afternoon when we finally get a Toktok tri-cycle going to our hotel. The traffic is starting to build by that time but our driver found a nice way to avoid the traffic.

Toktok vehicle of Bangkok Thailand.
The Bangkok Toktok tricycle vehicle.

By 4 PM we are already at the Bangkok International Airport waiting for our flight to Myanmar.

Thailand Restaurant inside the Airport.
The restaurant where we ate our lunch at the airport.
Thailand Spicy soup.
Thai spicy soup.
Bangkok Pad Thai.
Pad Thai.
Thai Fired rice.
Thai fried rice.
The total of foods we ate at Bangkok International airport.
The total costs of our meal at the Airport.
We booked the flight to Myanmar under Nok air Airlines.
We booked our flight under NOK Airlines and the gate is still closed when we arrived at the Airlines counter.
The waiting gate for flight to Myanmar.
The waiting gate of our flight. People are too crowded at that time

This is the first day of our trip and we enjoyed everything. Our bodies are tired of walking but it’s okay because we are all together on this journey. At the same time, our kids learned how to be patient and enjoy everything with the family. Our vacation just begins here and still very excited about our next adventure.