My Five Essential Tips on How I Passed the Japan Driving Test

Tokyo road.
Taken at Itabashiku Tokyo.

Now that I have been driving for more than one year here in Japan, I guess it is my turn to give tips on what I think will help an aspiring driver here in Japan or those who want to get a license to drive.

For now, I will give five essential tips that I think will help you pass the test and drive in the real-life driving scenario. These tips also helped me from passing the test and eventually get my driver’s license card.

  1. Drive on your utmost left to discourage the bicycle riders from using the main road for the car. ( if you are taking exams from Japan province). In metropolitan Tokyo, bicycle riders have their lane in the street, so don’t ride on your utmost left. ( (Real driving scenarios in the City after you passed the exam)
  2. Pedestrian lane will always be the priority, so stopping is a must. (For those who will pass the exam, real driving scenario, we should stop on the pedestrian lane even without traffic lights.)
  3. Stop in the Tomare lane. ( Driving test and real driving scenario)I have watched a few news that police hide to catch a driver who doesn’t stop.
  4. If you don’t intend to accelerate, rest your right feet at the break pedal. (During the test, I saw the proctor checking my feet if I put it in the proper pedal.) 
  5. Follow the road sign for a smooth drive. (During the test and real driving scenario).
  6. Bonus Tips: Present of Mind. Clear your head and focus when you drive.

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