The Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, Tiaong Quezon Philippines

Our family’s migration to Japan is coming very soon, so we are making sure that we enjoyed our time in the Philippines, and while we’re still here in the Philippines, we keep on looking for a unique place to spend our weekends. One in our lists is the Villa Escudero located at Tiaong Quezon. This place is a coconut plantation and resorts with its famous river restaurant serving the best menus of the Filipino.

We decided to see this place because of its unique restaurant situated right at the artificial waterfalls of the resorts. In addition to it, the resorts have their own museum and carabao cart ride while being serenaded by the resort’s staff. Visitors can choose to have an overnight stay or day tour visit. We chose for a Day tour as we only want to experience eating lunch at the resort’s unique restaurant. We booked our day tour via the official website of Villa Escudero.

Villa escudero website.

All you need to do is to input all the personal information of the guests on their website then you will choose the payment option at the end of the bookings. They only accept credit card and MasterCard debit card upon payment then an E-mail will be sent via e-mail as a confirmation of the bookings. On the scheduled date of your trip, don’t forget to bring the printout copy of the bookings.

VIlla escudero payment information success.
You’ll see this page after paying.

How to Go Villa Escudero

On the day of our trip to Villa Escudero, we woke up extra early by 5 AM. We left the house by 5:30 and caught the taxi from our home, going to the Buendia Jacliner bus terminal. At precisely 6 AM, we are already inside the bus on the way to Villa Escudero and Arrived at Villa Escudero by 8:30 AM. We got off in front of the Villa Escudero Subdivision area and rode a tricycle that brought us to Villa Escudero plantation resorts. Most of the visitors have their car, and there are very few we spotted riding public transportation.

The entrace of VIlla Escudero.
The Loading and unloading area just near the receptionist.

We presented our print out for the bookings we made and gave us four tickets for two adults and two kids. There are four-part of Villa Escudero that you will need to stop by during a day tour. They tear one ticket as we entered the main gate, another one at the Carabao cart ride, museum, and as well as in the lunch waterfalls buffet.

Tickets from Villa Escudero.
Our ticket stubs at Villa Escudero. The white tickets are for adults and the pink is for children.
Entrance to reception area of Villa Escudero.
The entrance to the reception area.
The gate to Museum and other attractions at Villa Escudero.
The Main gate of Villa Escudero just before entering the museum.
Museum of Villa Escudero.
The Pink museum of Villa Escudero.
The museum of VIlla escudero.
The side view of the Villa Escudero Museum. Inside of it is the different kinds of catholic images and antique collection such as paintings of the Philippines and or clothing style of the Philippines
The flowers in Villa Escudero.
The museum is surrounded by these pink flowers.

Besides the museum is the playground where a swing, merry go round, and see-saw can found. Our kids enjoyed here and play for a few minutes just before entering the museum.

THe payg area at Villa Escudero.
The swing at Villa Escudero.
The payground at villa escudero.
The see-saw of Villa Escudero.
The merry go round at villa Escudero.
The carousel at Villa Escudero.

The big bags are not allowed inside the museum so there is a counter where one can leave the bags. It’s slightly dark inside the museum and my youngest child is afraid of walking inside the museum. Anything that symbolizes the beliefs of roman catholic religion is the things that you can see inside. Some antique figurines can see in some areas of the museum. Preserved animals and insects are inside too

Camera is prohibited inside the Museum.
The camera is prohibited inside the Villa Escudero Museum.
The luggage area of VIlls escudero.
The bag counter for receiving and releasing of visitor bags just outside the museum.

Visitors need to ride the carabao cart going to waterfalls and cultural shows. There are lots of carabao cart going to the falls and returning to the main gate so there is nothing to worry about, the distance of the gate to the waterfalls is just a few minutes walk in case you prefer not to ride the carabao cart.

The Villa Escudero Carabao Cart.
The carabao cart has staff assigned to serenade all the passengers. Some songs that we heard are in Filipino and some were in English like folk songs.
The Carabao that pulling our cart is said to be working in resorts for 10 years already. Resorts required a female carabao only as males tend to fight with the other carabaos. The staff said it was Php 40,000 when they bought the Carabao to work in the resorts.
This is the building where the Cultural show is taking place every day, 2 PM in the afternoon.
The restaurant inside the cultural dome.
Taken by 9 AM in the morning inside the cultural restaurant of Villa Escudero.

We went directly to the recreational activities of the resorts such as bamboo rafting and kids pool. However, Kids below 8 years old are not allowed to do it for safety purposes. Guests need to wear a life vest as a requirement in doing a bamboo rafting. By partners or alone is okay to do the said activity. Swimming in the lake is not allowed for all the visitors.

Bamboo rafting of Villa Escudero at Lake Labasin.
The cafe indigo of Villa Escudero just near Lake Labasinis just beside the bamboo raft ride takes place.
We seated at the terrace of the indigo coffee shop and cheer for our companion doing the bamboo raft ride.

Since the kids were not allowed to do the bamboo raft ride they hurried themselves to swim at the kiddie pool.

Kids enjoying every bit of the water in the pool 🙂
This is the most favorite part of the kids in the kiddie pool where they get to play with the showers and water slide.
The water slide at Villa Escudero Pool.
A restaurant just beside the kiddie pool.
There are pool assigned only for adults and minors are prohibited to enter.
The adult swimming pool of Villa Escudero.

We made sure to roam around the resorts and we saw the rooms where all of the overnight guests will stay.

Tables are everywhere inside the resorts, one can opt for a coffee session or just enjoy the environment of the resort.
We noticed this unique flower inside the resorts.

The lunch in waterfalls is starting everyday by at 11 AM. We patiently waited and before 11 we went to the falls to see it and luckily became the first customers who had an early lunch during our visits.

The entrance to waterfalls.
Taken by 10 AM in the morning at the waterfalls restaurant.
The waterfalls restaurant of Villa Escudero.
The flow from the waterfalls is being used for the resorts hydroelectric powerplant.
Buffet restaurant of villa escudero waterfalls.
The foods are served by Buffet style at the waterfalls.
Foods at Villa escudero waterfalls.
These are the foods we got. Grilled tilapia, pork grilled, some vegetables like squash and salad.
Foods at Villa Escudero.
Pancit Bihon, okra, Ampalaya with bagoong are served too. Rice is wrap in Banana leaf and guests may eat it by hand only or by chopsticks.

There are shoe rock and a place to leave some of the belongings of the visitors just near the waterfalls restaurant.

Bag and shoe rock at water falls villa escudero.
Shoe racks and luggage counter.
Pass 11 am and the people started to build in numbers.
The top view of the waterfalls.
This is the back part of the restaurant. Taken just before we left the waterfalls by 12 in the afternoon.
The resedential area at villa escudero.
Before we go back to Manila we made rounds inside Villa Escudero and we saw a residential area that can be found inside the resorts but visitors are not allowed to enter.

At precisely Noon, we are waiting for the bus going to Manila. We ask the receptionist to help us call a tricycle that will get us to the main highway. Then we waited for a few minutes under the waiting shed, and the bus arrived.

The waiting shed at Villa Escudero.
We waited at the waiting shed just near the arc boundary of Laguna-Quezon San Pablo City Philippines.

We had a great time at Villa Escudero. Our experience at waterfalls restaurant is the highlight of this trip. Our Kids are half Filipino, so this experience gives them a chance to know the Filipino cuisine and Filipino way of eating by just the clean hand in the middle of running water just beside the waterfalls. Another unique experience from the Philippines that our family will never forget.