Our Whole Day Tuk-Tuk Tour, Visiting Temples and Sunset Viewing at Bagan, Myanmar


On the 6th day of our family refreshment vacation, we went to Bagan City, located in Myanmar’s Mandalay region. We arrived a little late at Bagan Nyaung U Airport. Bagan is an ancient city and included in the list of UNESCO Heritage sites. They built pagodas and temples around the 11th and 13th Centuries, of which some still survive and carefully preserve up to the present day.

The Bagan Myanmar AIrport.
The Airport at Bagan Myanmar used ad the ultimate air gateway to the ancient sites of Bagan Myanmar.

Airport personnel staff took a family picture of us and saved it in their device and gave these tourists barcode tickets so we can freely roam the whole Bagan. We advise you to keep it until the day you depart Bagan as this ticket might be asked from any tourist destination of Bagan you might visit.

The airport ticket from Bagan.
The Barcode ticket style of the Bagan Zone area.

At the exit airport, car rental welcomes us. Settled the price going to the hotel to drop us, and the driver helps us load all our luggage.

The fare for car rental at airport.
The price of the car rental at the Airport.

We stayed at Zfreeti hotel in Bagan and booked via agoda.com.

Our booking for our hotel at Bagan via agoda.
This is the booking we made when we stayed at Zfreeti Hotel located at Bagan Myanmar.

We arrived at the hotel around 8 pm. The receptionists were nice to us and guided us to our room, went to the hotel restaurant after our dinner. The hotel staff has this doll dance presentation at their restaurant, and our children loved watching it.

The puppet shoew from zfreeti hotel.
The puppet dance with so many wires connected to the puppet in which controlled by one person only.

It was amazing watching the puppet dance, where taking a picture of our dinner did not even cross our mind, after which was the time to go to bed to prepare for another busy day ahead of us.

OUr bedroom at zfreeti hotel.
Our family bedroom with one queen size and single beds.
Our comfort room at Zfreeti hotel.
Our comfort room for 2 days.
With the shower are inside our zfreeti hotel.
The shower area.
The entrance of Zfreeti hotel.
The pleasant entrance of the hotel free hotel.

We asked the reception to book a tuk-tuk driver plus vehicle that we plan to use for our whole day tour in Bagan, Myanmar. The driver will serve as the tour guide for 120dollar.

Our Zfreeti scheduled for the tuk-tuk tour.
The amount we paid for the tuk-tuk service for 1 day.
The surroundings of the hotel.
The view of the hotel outside. This is the neighboring hotels.

On the 6th day of our tour, all our clothes are almost used, so we looked for a laundry shop just in front of the hotel. We stayed for 3 days here, so this is the right time we saw or the best time to wait for our clothes to dry. Glad we found one with a little bit pricey, but it’s okay. After finding the shop, we went to bed to prepare for the next tour the following day.

The hotel served buffet style, so we ate all the foods that we want during breakfast.

The Zfreeti breakfast.
The drinks during our breakfast at Zfreeti hotel.
The zfreeti set-up.
The buffet table was set up.

Shwe Zedi Monastery

The golden monastery pagoda of Myanmar, Burmese, one of the main monasteries in the city founded in 1903.

The Shwe ZIg Zedi Monastery.
The first Pagoda we visited in Bagan and the most famous pagoda in Myanmar.
The hallway of the temple.
The hallway of the temple.
The golden Pagoda of Myanmar.
Famous for its golden view, each pagoda’s details are so amazing, we are in awe watching its scenic shapes.
The Shwe Zedi Minastery followers are everywhere.
Please show respect for the devotee as they are everywhere. Make sure not to disturb them when you get pictures during the tour.

Thagya Hit Temple

The ancient temple was built 13th centuries with a two-story building.

The Thagya Hit Temple.
The view of the temple from outside.
The Thagya Hit Temple, Bagan Myanmar.
The huge sitting buddha on the lower ground.
The huge sitting buddha on the lower ground of the temple.
The ceiling if the temple.
Every part of the walls and ceiling have art that was built by hands during the 13th century.
Painting on the wall.
The image that is almost fading handmade also a long time ago.

Htilominlo Temple

Bagan Myanmar archeological zone. It is one of the ancient temples in Bagan Myanmar composed of 2 story temple.

Htilominlo Temple´╗┐ arcade.
Saw this arcade of the temple donated by a Japanese Man.

Kay Min Gha Pagoda

The temple with a great view as the pagoda is scattered everywhere.

The Kay Min Gha Pagoda.
The Kay Min Gha Pagoda Myanmar.
Kay Min Gha pagoda.
Our family picture at Kay min Gha Pagoda.

Ananda Phaya

Another Buddhist temple in Bagan Myanmar. The temple has been destroyed by the earthquake of 1975 but managed to restore to preserve the history. Many people are selling different kinds of goods outside the temple. A group of women caught us and convinced tourists to try their famous Tanaka makeup from the paste of wood. I myself tried it. They draw it as leaf shape and applied it on both of my cheeks. According to them applying it to the face will prevent the skin from getting a sunburn.

Tyring the Tanaka Make up at  Ananda Phaya temple.
Me trying the Tanaka make up in front of the temple.
Our daughtre with Tanaka Make up.
Our daughter tried it too to blend with Myanmar’s locals, but we, later on, remove it from her as she said it was so itchy.
Tanaka Make up from Myanmar.
Our little boy has tried it too.
In front of the temple.
This is the most crowded temple we visited, and representatives from other countries were there for Mrs. Universe.
The ananda Phaya Temple.
All temples should be an all barefoot tour. No shoes were allowed during our visits and maybe up to until now.

The Sulamani Phaya Temple

The Sulamani Phaya Temple.
Visited also the Sulamani Phaya Temple.
Outside the Sulamani Temple.
The outside of the temple.
The most frequently visited temple in Bagan Myanmar.
Year that Solamani temple was built.
Indicated the year of Sulamani was built.
Intricate artwork of Sulamani Temple.
Some fine artworks on the wall are on display and carefully preserved by the authority of Myanmar.
Another Artwork from the wall of Sulamani Temple.
Artwork from the wall of Sulamani Temple.
A boulder of Sulamani Temple.
This giant rock has encrypted a message during the 13th century and is still displayed at the temple.

The Dhammayan Gyi Temple

The largest temple of Mynamar, Bagan.

The Dhammayan Ghi Temple Myanmar.
The view from Dhammayan Ghi Temple Bagan Myanmar.

I think we visited around 10 temples at Bagan, and we are so tired during our lunch. I can’t post all of them as it will be too long to indicate here in my blog. If you visit Myanmar Bagan, ask your tour guide to bring you to the top 5 temples of Bagan or the most famous temples that your tour guide can recommend to save your time.

Our Tuk-tuk tour at Bagan Myanmar.
This is us after the tiring tour. Now looking for food to settle our hungry stomach. If you have a budget to rent a car for your tour you can ask for help from your hotel. We decided to ride a tuk-tuk to save money, and since the temple is located not far from each other, we prefer this type of vehicle.
Bagan Myanmar where we ate our lunch.
We found this restaurant along the way to our hotel.
Hot soup served from the restaurant at Bagan Myanmar.
Serve with hot soup.
The beef curry for lunch.
A beef curry. (which I’m not so sure if it’s really curry)
French fries ala Bagan Myanmar.
Our Children all-time favorite fried potatoes.
Fried chicken with vegetables.

We are not familiar with Myanmar food, so we ordered the safest food that our picky children hopefully can eat. Yes, they eat only fries and fried chicken.

Shwegugyi Temple

Another world heritage site of Myanmar. Known as the great golden cave and for its arch windows.

This poster can see when you enter at Shwe-gu-gyi-Hpaya.
Tanaka (from wooden paste) face make-up selling everwhere.
A walk at the temple.
This temple has many visitors as well.
With a good lawn outside the temple.

Ended our temple tour after this, we went to the hotel to have some rest. Then I asked the tuk-tuk driver to pick us when the sunset came in. Visited the hill that a lot of tourists in Myanmar have checked too. This sunset viewing at the top of the hill where a hot balloon can fly too. Not a season for flying hot balloon during our visits due to strong winds.

Temple tower are everywhere that will complement to the golden color of Myanmar plus the best gold given by the sun during its sunset. What a full packed day for us.
The Bagan, Myanmar Sunset overlooking the tip of the temples.

But wait, as we looked for a restaurant for the authentic Myanmar food to end our day, but before our tuk-tuk driver drops us, we made sure to take a photo of him as a friend we met from Myanmar. He is such a friendly driver, 21 years old who is just doing a part-time job during that time, he did help us a lot and followed our requests during the trip, and we appreciated it.

A picture of our tuk-tuk driver at Myanmar, Bagan.
A photo with our tourist guide/driver with his tuk-tuk.

Our dinner for our last night in Myanmar, Bagan. We choose a restaurant with a lot of customers. This restaurant has mostly hot pot menu. The customer beside our table has this food, so we ask the waiter that we want it too as it looks delicious with a lot of vegetables in it.

The food from Bagan.
The dish taste okay, serving is so big for us and so oily, so we did not even make it into a half.
Grilled tilapia from local restaurant of Bagan Myanmar.
Grilled fish for our Children. Tasted delicious and favorite of our kids’ Tilapia.

And this is where our journey in Bagan Myanmar ended up, tired but still looking ahead to our upcoming adventures. Thank you for reading, and I hope you get a little idea for your upcoming Myanmar Trip. Stay tuned for another story that I’m going to share here in my blog.