Our Visit at Coron Palawan and our Stay at Sunlight Guest Hotel PART 1


Just a few days ago, we saw one of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines and probably one of the best beaches in the Philippines. Palawan has a magnificent beach that everyone will surely love to see and experience. We decided to visit Palawan, particularly Coron this year as we are planning to settle in another country anytime soon this year. We love visiting the beach in the Philippines, and Coron is in our top lists. If there is one thing that we will be going to be miss in the Philippines, it’s undoubtedly the beautiful beach in the Philippines. Also, the Philippines is a tropical country where you can visit the beach at any time of the year.

How to Get to Coron

There are two ways on how to get to Coron. First and the fastest way is via aircraft. The second one is by riding the ship. There is a one travel company that operates the ship in Manila that you may want to try on your trip to Coron. The name is 2GO travel. You may check it on their official website, 2GO TRAVEL for complete details. The 2GO travel is a mode of transportation and a cargo company too, that delivers different kinds of goods or shipments to some part of the Philippines. Our happy and funny story of riding the 2GO Travel ship going to Coron Palawan is in a separate blog. Please click on this link below if you want to know our experience and get some tips on booking and riding the 2GO Travel vessel or click on this link.


There are many options where to stay at Coron but we decided to book at Sunlight Guest Hotel Coron. Sunlight hotel and resorts have three branches of Resort in Palawan, namely, the Coron guest house hotel just nearby the Coron port, Coron Eco-Tourism Resorts located at Culion Island and the last one is the Sunlight Hotel Located at Puerto Princesa. Don’t worry as in this blog we will share with you their two Sunlight hotel branches in Palawan. They do have their information on their website. We chose to booked via phone calls and sent our payment thru bank deposit.

This is the snippet of our transaction from sunlight hotels for their two different branches for two nights’ stay.

When we arrived at Coron port, the staff from Sunlight Guest hotel is waiting for us holding our name on a visible paper. He helps us carry our things and lead us to sunlight guest hotel. The receptionist asks our documents and ID as part of the check-in procedure. They allowed us to check-in earlier than the scheduled time which is 2 PM. We arrive at 8 AM and they let us inside the room as they knew we are tired and we have kids.

Sunlight Guest house welcome drinks.
Sunlight guest hotel welcomes us by offering cold drinks just before we get in the lobby. The drinks tasted lime juice with a mild sweetness. My husband and I likes it but our kids refuse to even try it.
Sunlight Guest Hotel Elevator area.
Sunlight staff assisted us and help us carry our luggage’s going to our room.
The Sunlight Guest Hotel room good for four persons.
Our room for 1 night at Sunlight Guest Hotel.
The sunlight Guest Hotel COmfort Room.
This is the comfort room of sunlight guest hotel. It comes with a complete hotel disposable accessories such as a hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush soap, shampoo, and lotion.
Sunlight hotel Guest hotel room.
They do have an electric hot pot inside the room with coffee and creamier. The room is a key card operated, it is used to function the electricity inside the room.
Sunlight Guest Hotel View from Hotel room.
The view from our window.

Right after we drop our luggage’s we went down to the restaurant, which is the second floor of the hotel. Our room is on the 4th floor. We did not get the chance to eat at the vessel so we are hungry by the time we arrived at the hotel. The breakfast is offered in a buffet style at the hotel restaurant. Our first breakfast meal is not yet included in our booking so we ordered from their a la carte menu. Yet they invited us to eat whatever we want from the buffet menu as they don’t have a lot of visitors on that day.

The view from the restaurant of Sunlight guest hotel.
The terrace view from the restaurant.
The sunlight guest hotel restaurant located at second floor of the hotel.
The Sunlight Guest Hotel Restaurant.
The sunlight guest hotel restaurant.
The sunlight guest hotel restaurant.
The sunlight guest hotel restaurant.
They do have Oatmeal, congee and cream of corn soup from Sunlight buffet menu.
The sunlight guest hotel restaurant meal.
Bread and butter are served too.
The sunlight guest hotel breakfast meal.
Cereals and milk are the most favorite of our kids from their buffet menu.
The sunlight guest hotel breakfast meal.
Coffee is on their buffet table too.
The sunlight guest hotel breakfast meal.
The Bacon and egg we ordered via a la carte menu.
The sunlight guest hotel breakfast meal.
Fried rice, egg and longganisa from a lacarte menu.
Pancakes and fruits from a lacarte menu.
The sunlight guest hotel breakfast receipt.
The total of our first breakfast in Coron Sunlight Hotel.


Right after we had our breakfast, we prepare our things and change to our swimwear clothes. We ask the receptionist to arrange for a boat that will bring us to the islands of Coron, top in our list are the Kayangin lake and the twin lake. By 9 AM, the staff from a tour agency talked to us and required us to pay for Php 5000 for the rent of the boat for the whole day. We agreed and prepare everything including the meals at the beach. She lead us to the wet market and bought ingredients for our lunch in the boat. We ride the tricycle, and arrive at the market after 15minutes. We bought crab, shrimp, vegetables, and rice for our exciting lunch at the beach.

The public wet market of Coron Palawan.
The Coron wet market.
The public wet market of Coron Palawan.
Seafood’s are our favorite dish to eat to every beach getaway we are visiting.
The public market of Coron Palawan.
Of course completed our meal with some vegetables and fruits.
The boat we use for island hopping in Coron Palawan beach.
This is the boat we used for our island hopping in Coron.

We paid our tricycle for Php 100 for bringing us to the wet market and to the Coron port to meet the boat that will take us to the islands of Coron. The agency staff who arranged for our boat asked for an additional Php 1250 for the tourist registration if we wanted to enter the twin lake and Kayangin as these are the top destination in Coron. They said they need to pay for a lake card for us to be able to enter the lakes. We left the Coron port by 10 am, sailed for 15 minutes before we reach the Kayangin lake. There is a huge number of tourists at the Kayangin lake as it was Saturday when we visited the place. Visitors need to walk for about 15 minutes to see the inside of Kayangin lake. Wearing the vest is a must when you go to Kayangin lake. No vest, no swim rules apply to all the tourists. All the rental boat staff will be the one responsible to provide the vests for all the tourists. Even upon leaving the Coron port it is strictly implemented and followed, that wearing of the vest should do upon stepping on the boat or else the coast guard will stop your boat by not following the rules. The trail to the Kayangin lake is composed of steep stairs. But we did enjoy the view on the way to Kayangin Lake.

The Kayangin Lake COron Palawan Philippines.
The Kayangin Lake of Coron Palawan.
The Kayangin Lake COron Palawan Philippines.
Me, enjoying the water of Kayangin lake.
The Kayangin Lake Coron Palawan Philippines.
The perfect view of Coron Islands taken at Kayangin lake viewing deck.

It was crowded when we arrived at Kayangin lake but after 30 minutes it was our moment to enjoy the serene place of the lake.

Our lunch at Twin lake Coron Palawan.
This is our lunch meal while watching the beautiful view of Coron Island. We had our meal at Twin lake Coron Palawan.
Our lunch at Twin lake Coron Palawan.
The delicious sinigang shrimp we ate at Twin lake Coron Palawan.

After we stayed for 45 minutes at the twin lake, we went back to the port of Coron. We only visit the two most famous islands in Coron, and our hearts are full and very satisfied. We reach the port by 1 PM and gave a tip to the boatmen for taking care of us. They help us find the tricycle driver that will bring us to the hotel. We planned to drop some of our luggage and go to Maquinit hot spring right away. The tricycle waited for us at the hotel and agree to bring us to the hot spring for Php 600. By 3 PM we arrived at Maquinit hot spring. We change our clothes right away and went to the hot spring. The entrance fee is Php200 for adults and Php100 for kids as of September 2019.

The Maquinit hotspring Coron Palawan.
The Maquinit hotspring chairs that are good for picture taking.
The Maquinit hotspring Coron Palawan.
Kiddie hot salty water pool.
The Maquinit hotspring Coron Palawan Philippines.
The biggest hot spring inside the area for adults and kids. It’s deep for kids, but our kids were able to swim here as they are wearing a swimming floater.
The Maquinit hotspring Coron Palawan.
The area that divides the hot spring from the beach. Ideal also for photography. Mangroves are present that added to the pleasant surroundings of the hot spring.

We stayed for 1 hour in the hot spring. We went home as our son’s foot finger was injured by accidentally sliding on the heated spring pool. The floor is slippery as mosses are present on the floor of the hot spring. So if you are reading this and you had a plan to visit the hot spring, please be extra cautious. We arrived at the hotel by 6 PM and went straight to the restaurant. The menu is ala carte during dinner.

Our Sunlight Guest Hotel Dinner.
Pork sinigang and fried chicken.
Our Sunlight Guest Hotel Dinner.
Grilled Squid stuff with tomatoes inside.
Our Sunlight Guest Hotel Dinner.
Fresh Lapu-lapu in light soy sauce.
Our Sunlight Guest Hotel Dinner.
Garlic rice
The total cost of our dinner at sunlight guest hotel.
The total cost we paid for our dinner at Sunlight guest hotel.
Our Sunlight Guest Hotel Dinner.
The view from our room.

Most of the visitors in the hotel are Chinese National its because the owner of sunlight hotels and resorts is a Chinese businessman while the wife is a Filipino National. If you notice their website has Chinese characters too. We observed that nobody is using the pool maybe because all of the tourists wanted to see the beach alone and or they are tired of doing island hopping the whole day, so nobody stays outside for a swim in the pool.

The sunlight guest hotel.
The Pool Area and the different rooms of sunlight guest hotel.

We sleep early at around 9 PM in preparation for our hotel transfer on the following day.

Please read the continuation of this blog about our experience at Sunlight Eco-Tourism Part 2.