Our Sunset Experience at Mandalay Hill of Myanmar

Our Climbed at Mandalay Hill.

Just near our hotel is the Mandalay Hill, rented tuk-tuk vehicle to drop us in front of the Mandalay Hill, and after around 15 minutes ride we were in front of the hill.

The start of Mandalay hill.

It was the same with Mount Popa, where the stairs have a Buddhist station every stairs level. Entering will required tourists to walk in their barefoot. Even our children had walked in their foot only and to be honest, the floor is dirty, and some part of the floor was wet. Sometimes we encountered dogs in the pathway and were afraid that dogs might chase us, but thankfully they just fought with some other dogs and not harming any tourists. We spotted a lot of vendors, too, on the way to the summit of Mandalay Hill. It looks like some living there as they sell their goods.

Take note that slippers will require you to put at a cabinet style keeping safe at the entrance and will ask you to pay so they could keep the shoes for you, but this is not a requirement. We saw some of the tourists carrying their bags of shoes while trekking the hill. Some just used the situation as an advantage for them to gain money from a lot of the incoming guests. In our case, we decided to leave our shoes in their cabinet because it’s hard to bring all shoes with two children with us, plus they threaten us at first that if we cant drop our shoes, we cant enter the temple.

The statue of Buddhist at Mandalay hill.
This is what it looks like in some of the Buddhist stations of Mandalay Hill.
With walls written in Mandalay writings.
The stairs of Mandalay hill.
This is us while we took the stairs of Mandalay Hill. The distance is far but everyone managed to go down just in time before our feet give-up.
The beautiful sunset of mandalay hill.
The Sunset at the summit of Mandalay Hill.
The view of Mandalay hill.
The view at Mandalay Hill.
The entrance fee at the Mandalay hill.
We paid an entrance fee when we arrived at the top of the hill. Children are also required to pay the same fees as an adult.
Sticket issued at the Mandalay hill once paid.
Once paid the fee they will give a sticker like that on the picture.
The pots filled with coins at Mandalay hill temple.
A pot filled with Myanmar coins as donations for the improvement of Mandalay Hill or merely dropping the coins to wish for good luck at the temple.
The monks at Mandalay hill.
Spotted some monks talking to the other tourists. It was so crowded during the sunset.
The sunset of Mandalay hill.
The sunset of Mandalay Hill.
The bell at the summit of Mandalay Hill.
Our children tried to hit the bell at the Buddhist temple Mandalay hill to complete the tour.

After a few minutes of seeing the sunset, we headed back down the stairs to return to our hotel. We hired the tuk-tuk vehicle to bring us to the hotel. Our feet are so tired as we already walked a lot from Mount Popa on the same day, but it was so rewarding as we followed the itinerary of our trip and, of course, did a great exercise on that day. In addition to it, we enjoyed seeing the historical places of Mandalay. Ate our dinner at the hotel restaurant and went to sleep after the dinner to prepare ourselves for another tour the next day. By the way, we realized that there is another way to go the Mandalay hill, one is via climbing the stairs, and one is via road for a rented or private vehicle that can drop you at the summit of Mandalay Hill, but I’m not sure if tuk-tuk can also go up the mountain.

The mandalay Unity Hotel Breakfast

Our hotel offered breakfast inclusion in our bookings, so we had a buffet-style breakfast the following day. The foods were all delicious, and we started the day with a stomach so full.

The buffet style breakfast served at Hotel Unity Mandalay.
These are the foods served for breakfast at the Unity hotel, Mandalay Myanmar.
Checking out at Unity hotel Mandalay.
This is the moment we left our luggage to check one more place in Mandalay.
The outside surrounding of the Unity hotel.

We did visit the Mandalay palace but ended up just took a picture outside the court as we had a scheduled flight to catch on the same day.