Our Experience Flying with Sri Lankan Airlines from Colombo Sri Lanka to Delhi, India


For our family vacation refreshment, Day16 is the day of our departure from Sri Lanka. So from Kandy province of Sri Lanka, we headed to the airport early in the morning. The driver that we booked for our first day in Sri Lanka is still with us up to our very last day in Sri Lanka. He dropped us at the airport and took a photo of everyone as a remembrance before we part ways. He s been a nice and genuine person, and we are thankful for his assistance throughout our tour in his country.

Leaving Sri Lanka and goodbye to our 1-week driver.
A goodbye picture with our 1-week driver in Sri Lanka.

After saying goodbye to our 1-week driver, we head to the counter so we could check-in. We have our membership card to avail of the business class; however, two of the passengers were arguing about who would be the first to go to the check-in counter. One is an Arab man, and the other is a European man interrupting even in business class.

Checking in at Sri Lanka Airport.
The check-in counter in Sri Lanka airport.

Since we have the privilege card, we are entitled to use the lounge; however, we are invited to a small lounge at that time. Its name was called Serenediva Lounge. The food service was okay, and I enjoyed the food of Sri Lanka for the last time.

The Serediva Lounge at Sri Lanka.
The Serenediva Lounge.
Inside the Serediva lounge.
This is the lounge where we stayed at Sri Lanka Airport.
The Buffet table of  Serenediva Lounge.
The buffet table.
Inside the loounge.
We noticed this monitor inside the lounge addressing the JAL passenger, a Jal code share area lounge.
Giveaways to the passengers of Sri Lankan Airlines.
Airline staff giveaways to our children are just right. Coloring it while onboard the flight.
Flight meal has given at Sri Lankan Airlines.
This is the last Sri Lankan curry we tasted from our flight. Inclusion with the vegetable salad and fruits.

Our Arrival in New Dehli India (With Haze)

So we arrived after almost 3 hours of flight from Sri Lanka to New Delhi, India. As expected during the winter months in India, their visibility becomes blurry because they warm their houses. This is the reason why air pollution is increasing. By that moment, we feel bad for our kids for inhaling the type of air like this. It is a warning for a parent like us if we really want to bring our children to North India during the winter months.

Airport arrival view full of haze at Delhi India.
Smoky view when we arrived in Delhi, India.

The next thing we did was, we lined up at the Immigration area, which is easy for us as we already applied for it. Just before our flight to India, we already applied for an electronic visa for the whole family. They do have an official website where the application for a Visa was just so easy and fast. You need to fill out all the information and provide your picture or following all the requirements and payment. They sent us our official India tourist visa just after an hour of filing it.

Immigration area at Delhi India.
Walking out of the Immigration Area.

We were able to pass the Immigration area hassle-free. Although there is a second checking of the passport just before you go out of the immigration area for double-checking, prepare your passport with you better and then show the passport stamp again.

Before we went out of the airport, we saw this sim card provider for all the tourists in India. There was a lot of feedback on the internet that the India Sim provider was too slow to open. But in our experience, the booth selling the sim had encountered a system downtime by the time we wanted to buy their sim. So we left disappointed as we can’t get the sim on the day of our arrival. We finally bought it from a phone local shop in Jaipur on our India tour’s first day.

Airtel 4g is the leading sim provided in India.
Airtel 4g is the main Sim provider in India.

The next step we took is to get a taxi. Just outside the airport, we easily see the label Taxi stand, wherein we noticed a boy who in charge of talking about the passenger’s booking. We told him the name of the hotel, and he searches for the location. On the system, the fair price was issued. It’s a bit weird that the system is the one calculating the fair, so maybe there is a chance that passengers may not get the right fair they deserve. Then he prints a piece of paper using a smartphone, and we boarded to MERU CAB.

Taxi Stand at Delhi airport.
Booking of a taxi for tourist passengers.

My husband is a little bit skeptical about bringing our children there, so he books a nice hotel for that night, the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson – Gurgaon, Sector 29. Booked via Agoda.

Our family bedroom at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.
Our family bedroom at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.

The hotel was so good, in terms of its ambiance and the warm welcome of the staff. We got a big family bed, and the room was just exact for us. Besides, our hotel building has a Japanese restaurant. This is the reason why my husband chose this hotel. We went there and enjoyed our meal, and then they got a hot bath after dinner. This day has a lot of new experiences while we arrived at another destination. We hope to enjoy our stay in India. I slept so fast to prepare again for our unending adventure. I hope you stay tuned until I finished sharing our experiences from India. Thank You so many guys for reading.