Places to Visit in Taiwan This 2019


It’s because of the kids, that is why we choose to travel in Taiwan. It has a beautiful zoo that can access just inside its capital, Taipei. We booked for five days tour in Taipei to know more in this Country. Taiwan is under the Republic of China, one of the most populated countries in the world yet with a good-economy income because of its high technology Industry. Read on as I take you to the places our family visited during our trip to Taipei Taiwan.

  • Taipei 101 Tower

Our first stop is the Taipei tower. It is held as the tallest standing tower in the world from 2004-2010 and included on the list of green building. Its design is earthquake resistant and can withstand tropical storms. The tower has 101 floors, and the elevator will take you to the 89th floor in just seconds. View from the viewing deck is so beautiful, especially at night as you see the bright, colorful twinkling lights from the ground.

Taipei Tower Elevator
Inside the elevator of Taipei 101 tower, showing the speed of 37 seconds and you arrived at 89th floor.
Dumper Baby Taiwan Tower
This is a favorite toy in Taiwan, and you can see this inside the Tower as a heavy pendulum that sways to balance the movement of the building caused by an earthquake or strong winds.
Night view from Taiwan Tower
Viewed from Taipei 101 tower during night.
  • Taipei Zoo

The reason we visited Taiwan is to see this famous zoological area, which is the largest zoos in Asia. Our kids love animals, so this is ideal for them, even adults will surely enjoy watching a different variety of animals. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes although they have a shuttle bus. Do not forget to bring a stroller for your kids if they can’t endure walking for a long time. You can find restaurant inside so do not worry about being hungry. Indeed one of the beautiful zoo we have been to and a well-maintained zoo. Below are some of the photos of animals we took inside the zoo:

Taipei Zoo Ticketing Booth
The ticketing office and the main entrance of the zoo. No long lines during weekdays.
Giraffes from Taiwan Zoo
Red birds from Taiwan Zoo
Red species of Bird.
Flamingo from taiwan zoo
Group of flamingo.
Taiwan Zoo turtles
  • Taipei Maokong Gondola

Lift transportation in Taipei that will bring you to Maokong Village. Maokong is a big village, found on the top of the mountain. Coming here is a way to escape from the busy city of Taipei, a perfect choice to visit. One of our favorite experiences in Taipei as we enjoyed the magnificent view inside the glass floor cable car. Just make sure to follow all the safety instructions for a safe trip to Maokong. Expect long lines during weekends.

Inside the Taipei gondola cable car
The glass door is showing the scenic view if Taipei.
View from Taipei Gondola
Every side of a cable car is glass.
Cable Car transporting passengers from Taipei Gondola
The cable car transporting passengers from Taipei Station to Maokong Station.
Glass floor of Taipei Gondola
Glass floor cable car giving you breathtaking views.
Maokong Station Taipei Taiwan
The Maokong Gondola Station.
  • Taipei Taiwan National Palace Museum

There are many museums in Taipei, but this is the most popular among the rest. From here we saw the most precious antiques of Taiwan and called their famous masterpieces. You need to wait in line as this has the most crowded part of the museum. I advise you to read on the history of Taiwan first to relate to their museum collections. Follow security instructions for smooth visiting. A ticket is a requirement to get inside the museum.

Front View of Taipei Taiwan National Palace Museum
The National Palace Museum
Chinese Jades from Taipei Taiwan National Museum
The place with the most viewed collection from the museum.
Jadeite cabbage of Taipei Taiwan National Museum
Shown here is the Jadeite Cabbage, with insects on the top, carved into the shape of the cabbage head. This antique is the most famous masterpiece from the museum and included from the Three Treasures of the National Palace.
Jade Collections from Taipei Taiwan National Museum
Another set of Jade collections inside the museum.
  • The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei, Taiwan

A famous National Monument built-in memory of former President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek. It is one of the tourist attractions in Taipei Taiwan, 30 minutes away from Taipei Station via MRT. Changing of the guards is one of the exhibitions you may see here. Prepare to walk 89th steps on the entrance stairs as the number of stairs represents the age when the President died. Be aware that near this Memory Hall is a University so do not mistake that two Landmark. You may see below some of the photos we took when we Visit Chiang Kai-Shek Memory Hall:

Memory Hall Taiwan Entrance View
Showing here is the long entrance leading to the Memory Hall. You will see the massive white gate just in front of the Hall.
Room from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
This picture is from one of the rooms inside the Hall. All rooms have the things connecting to the former president of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek.
Statue of Chiang Kai-Shek  from Memory Hall Taiwan
Showed the upper level just after the stairs, where you will see a big statue of Chiang Kai-Shek.
There are many tourists in this main Chamber of Memory hall when we visit here.
Park Sorrounded the Memory Hall
The spacious park surrounded the Memory Hall. Lots of Tallest Trees Everywhere and they are all well-maintained.
Back view of Chiang Kai-shek Memory Hall
The side back part of the hall.
  • Shilin Garden Taipei, Taiwan

We stop by this park when we visit Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence. Taking pictures was not allowed inside and had tight security, so after we tour the residence, we end up strolling in the Garden. Suitable for walking and play area for the kids. Some part is well maintained, but some still need to fix. Colorful flowers are on display that is good for family pictures.

Shilin Garden Taipei, Taiwan
  • Beitou Thermal Valley Taipei

Love to Japanese onsen is the reason we made sure to reach this place; it brought in by the Japanese era in the history of Taiwan. A hot spring valley in Beitou district Taipei Taiwan, easily accessible from the MRT station. You need to walk for 30 minutes to reach this place. It also called Hell Valley as it is not advisable for those people who want to take a deep on the hot spring because of its extremely high temperature. Even going near the water is extremely dangerous. It looks good on the picture as it seems so smoky and dreamy everywhere but hazardous to go near the water. Before reaching the Beitou Valley, make sure to check also Beitou Hot spring Museum that built by Japanese people when they ruled Taiwan. After we checked the Hell valley, we rented a private room from one of the resorts, where we tried their natural hot spa. Everyone enjoyed the warm bath, which is good therapy for our tired body.

Thermal Valley Taipei Taiwan
The smoky Thermal Valley Hot Springs, they built Fences for the safety of everyone.
  • Taipei Expo Park

This park is so easy to find as this is just near the MRT Station, with three large parks that can accommodate a large number of people. Here you can see a beautiful garden and flowers, different varieties of food stands, restaurants, and recreational facilities — a beautiful playground for all the kids of all ages. We ate from one of the restaurants then sat on the ground while watched the airplane on the sky passed through the park. Our kids enjoyed it as if they can chase the plane when running in the park — a relaxing place to visit by the family.

Wall from Taipei Expo Park
You will see this when you reach the park.
View of Airplane from Taipei Expo Park
The Airplane flew from Taipei Songshan Airport. Lots of aircraft are flying in and out of the airport just near the expo park.

Family can sit on the ground while enjoying the green surroundings.