Our Experience Riding the Ship of 2GO Travel Going to Coron Palawan, Philippines

Our kids want to try riding a ship. That’s why we chose to ride a ship going to Coron, and we haven’t tried riding a ship ever since. The only ship company that brings passengers to Coron is 2GO Travel. They dock their ship at the Manila port area. They accept online booking and agent phone call booking. Payment can be via bank deposits, credit card, or cash on delivery. Booked via phone call and they deliver the ticket the next day to our house and we pay them via cash on delivery. We are a total of 4 persons, consisting of 2 adults and two kids. We prefer the business class type of room, but unfortunately, all of it is fully booked from the date that we planned to be in Coron. Instead, we just reserve the cabin room for the 4 of us. We paid Php 10,166.01 for the overnight ride. The boat left the port at 7 pm and the expected arrival to Coron is at 6 AM on the next day. A total of 11 hours of sailing in the ocean.

The 2go Travel receipt Philippines.
The receipt we booked from 2GO travel Ship going to Coron.

Our trip to Coron was scheduled by Friday so we left our house extra early to avoid the congestion of the car in Manila. We left the house by 2:30 PM, arrived at the port by 4 PM. Boarded in the ship by 4:30.

The 2go Travel ship in the Philippines.
The M/V st. Francis Xavier of 2go Travel Philippines.

It’s not allowed to take a picture in the boarding area of 2GO travel. But their boarding process is just the same as at the airport. We paid for a terminal fee of Php50 each. Then continue inside the boarding area and present the identification card. We prompted to go out in gate number one for boarding the ship. They carried the kids while passing the bridge stairs. The staff helps us bring our luggage up to our room. We headed to the reception area and instructed us to present our booking ticket. From there they requested me to present 1 valid ID before they can hand over the room cabin key. Then, one gave my ID in exchange for the key. They said they will return the ID on the next day when the ship arrives at Coron.

Stairs for boarding at 2go Travel Philippines.
The bridge/stairs is connected for an easy access to the ship.

Inside the Ship

The 2GO Travel Philippines front desk.
The front desk / reception area of 2GO travel.

Right after we got the key, a staff guided us to our room. The room has four beds in a double-deck arrangement. A Staff handed over four towels and left us in the room. The Room is just enough for us, with a comfortable toilet room and a shower area. There is a television installed inside, but we did not try to use it. Instead, we enjoy the view from outside of our window room, talk with each other, check and observe what is outside of our bedroom and tour the viewing deck to see what is around the ship. After we dropped our bags, we headed outside and did the checking of the ship’s surroundings.

The 2Go travel ship Cabin type room.
Our Cabin room for overnight stay at 2Go Travel.
The 2Go travel ship Cabin type comfort room.
The room has a comfort room and a shower area.
Charging station machines of 2go Travel, Philippines.
There is a designated area for charging the cellphone and it will require one to insert coins for the machine to function. They prohibit charging in the rooms to save the energy of the boat and to avoid any fire related accident.
Waste container from 2go Travel.
Waste container are everywhere inside the ship.
FIre alarm from 2go Travel Philippines.
Fire alarm buzzer are present as well.
The veiwing deck of 2GO travel Philippines.
The upper deck or the sundeck of 2go Travel ship. Advisable to go there while there is a sunlight so one can enjoy the view from the top.
Japanese singnage at 2GO ship Philippines.
We saw a Japanese sign in the ship that gives us idea that this ship is bought from Japan.
Bread station at 2Go Travel Ship.
Cake and bread store can find near the restaurant.
The 2GO travel shirt.
A store of T-shirt where the designs are all about 2GO logo is available too.
The grocery store of 2GO travel open for 24 Hours.
A 24-hour store is available where guests can find instant ramen, junk foods and many more.
The 2go Travel Salon.
The ship is equip of salon for those passengers who want to get a quick haircut or beauty relaxation.
The prayer room of 2GO travel.
A prayer room is at the ship too for catholic guests.
The 2go Ship is equip of life-vest in every corner of the boat.
We spotted Life vests everywhere inside the ship for emergency case.

The Dinner Inside the Ship

The 2GO ship Restaurant.
The public restaurant for all the passengers inside the ship. Photo taken around 4 in the afternoon.
Public restaurant photo taken by 6 PM. Guests become so crowded at the public restaurant.
The Horizon Cafe Restaurant inside the 2go ship Philippines.
The Horizon cafe restaurant is only exclusive for those passengers who book business type room and cabin type room.
The menu from Horizon Cafe. We boarded the boat early at around 4 PM and tour inside right after we get in, then we stayed at the horizon cafe for a cup of hot coffee and gave our kids snacks. We waited there until 6 PM and start dinner.
Snacks from Horizon Cafe, 2Go travel.
Hot coffee paired with Filipino sweet food.
These are the main dishes for the passengers that will eat at the horizon cafe. Dinner is included in the ticket of the passengers that booked the Business class type and cabin room.
The dinner at horizon cafe  2go travel.
The green beans is serve as a side dish. The Fish is not included for the free meal.
It is not crowded in the horizon cafe compared to the public restaurant of 2goTravel just outside the Cafe.

By 7 PM we are inside our cabin room, clean ourselves, and start to enjoy our sail to Coron. By 8 PM, there is an activity at the public restaurant from a group of the band. Everyone is invited to come.

Band show at 2go Travel ship.
The band show at 2go Ship.

At precisely 7 PM, the boat leaves the Manila port. By 9 PM, we are on our bed and went to sleep as the ship started shaking as it sails on the wavy ocean. Our two kids both sleep on the lower beds. I tried hard to sleep that night, but since it’s my first time to ride a ship, I can’t even relax my mind. When the boat shakes even more because of the wave, I always stand up to check what’s happening outside of the ship. But I can’t see anything outside as it’s so dark, only the light from the side of the vessel is visible. I’m scared that the ship might sink while we are sleeping, just like what I saw from a horror movie. 🙂 It’s so funny as I’m so paranoid that something might go wrong, so overnight, my soul is so awake. As a result, I had no sleep that night.
By 6 in the morning, a voice announces to the radio that the ship is already approaching the Coron Island and must prepare to go down anytime soon. A staff knock to our room and return my ID as they collect the key of the room from us. We readied ourselves to go down and brought out the things outside the room. Then we saw a staff changing the bed covers and fixing the cabin as we left the room. When the ship finally docks at Coron Island, a lot of porter man went in the boat. We ask one porter man to help us carry our luggage while the passengers are going down slowly. We waited for the porter man who fetches our luggage, but we realize that it takes time before we get our bags as the porter man has so many items of baggage that he needs to carry down one by one. After around 20-30 minutes of waiting, we finally saw the porter man we hired. He brought our bag until to the gate of Coron port, from there we finally saw out hotel staff waiting for us and help us walk to the sunlight gest hotel. The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the Coron port. You may click the link below for a complete story.

Our trip to Coron Palawan is a memorable one, including this huge boat that brought us to Coron Palawan. We couldn’t have it in any other way. Our kids enjoyed a lot in everything we did on this trip. I realize that there is nothing to be afraid of when riding the ship. 🙂 Just enjoy the moment and cherish it.