What Happened in Anpanman Children’s Museum at Japan


The Anpanman children’s Museum is a mall too at Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan. Anpanman is a favorite sweet bread in Japan and brought to life by becoming a famous superhero. Anpanman is one of the acclaimed anime series in Japan among young children. The story of Anpaman has many chapters that show the adventures of Anpanman, a superhero with an Anpan(bean-jam filled pastry)for a head that protects the world from an evil germ named Baikinman. Our Kids loves Anpanman as we have watched all the Anpanman movie series in our house. They know even all the characters in Anpanman episodes and been watching Anpanman movies a hundred times. So when we went back to Japan, we brought the kids to Anpanman Museum, saw there the life-size characters of Anpanman and friends and finally met Anpanman personally. From Tokyo, we rode a train and get off at Yokohama station. From Yokohama Station, we walked for 20 minutes and saw the Museum. Then we arrived at the Museum and saw all the characters from Anpanman movies in a life-size statue-lined up on the entrance of the Museum. Our Kids don’t know which one to check first as they love and they know all the characters of Anpanman and friends. If you are starting to follow the adventures of Anpanman you may check this link to familiarize all the Anpanman characters.

Anpanman Yokohama Japan
You will see this when you get inside the Anpanman Museum. Our kids hugged each of the statues when they saw all of it.
You will see Anpanman friends statue right at the entry gate of the Anpanman Children’s Museum.

There is a place where kids can make artworks guided by Museum staff, or even parents can help their kids. When we got there, the kids made a hat. Kids can decide whether Baikinman or Anpanman hat. Materials are well arranged on the table, and any kids are free to use. They can put any design on the hat before wearing it.

Artwork area at Anpanman museum Japan
Art work station at Anpanman Museum.

We went inside the theater and watched the three leading superheroes, namely Anpanman, Currypanman, and Shukunpanman and showed the audience some dancing skills. Everyone enjoyed watching as they did the famous triple punch from their movies.

Anpanman Museum Japan
This is Anpanman talking to the audience inside the theater. Anpanman showed his dancing and singing skills, and the kids inside the theater were all so happy.
CurryPanman Anpanman Museum Yokohama Japan
Curry Pan Man entertaining the guest inside the theater, he dances and sings with Anpanman too.

As we checked the Museum, we saw a playground for young kids. A slide for kids with Museum staffs making sure that all kids will have their turn to go down the slide, balloons are also on the floor of the playground. There are lots of Anpanman friends statues in every corner of the Museum. There are little toys also that you can see from the movies of Anpanman.

Anpanman Go Yokohama Japan
Kids made sure to ride this life-size Anpanman Go which can transform as a boat, rocket ship, car, train, flying boat, airplane or any vehicles.
Train Anpanman Museum Yokohama.
The helpful and brave train, one of the friend of Anpanman.
Jamu Ojisan Anpanman Yokohama Japan
Uncle Jam or Jamu Ojisan is the character responsible why Anpanman is born. He is a kind and skilled baker with knowledge with almost everything in the world.
Locker area Anpanman MUseum Japan
Inside the Museum has lockers for rental purposes wherein you can leave some of your small luggage’s.

All the essential things you may need to use during your stay in the Museum are inside, such as the nursing room, diaper, hot water, and any other things for mother and child’s necessity. There is a parking area for the baby cart as well.

In General, if your kids are a massive fan of Anpanman, this is a perfect place to visit for your kids. An ideal place to play as there is an indoor and outdoor play area. For tickets and schedules, please check their official website at http://museum.anpanman-acm.co.jp/en/