What to see in Myanmar Heho (Our Last Travel before the Pandemic COVID-19 Hit Worldwide)


After Yangon, we travel next to Heho Province. We booked our flight via Golden Myanmar Airlines and landed first in Heho Province. It was December 9, 2019, when we arrived in Heho and just flew to another province on the following day. We depart Yangon at 7:25 pm and we arrived at Heho domestic airport flight Myanmar at 8:15 PM. The flight was just so fast and the airline’s staff were so friendly.

Heho is a small town in Myanmar. Heho is the primary tourist air getaway. The main reason why we visited here is that we wanted to see Inle Lake and other tourist attractions in Heho.

Our flight from Yangon to Heho Myanmar via Golden Air.
Our arrival at Heho Province.
The arrival of our aircraft in Heho Province.
The Heho Airport.
Passengers carrying their own luggage during the arrival.

The temperature by that time is cold in Heho compared to Yangon. There are rentable taxis just outside the airport, the price is a bit high as our hotel is far from the airport.

Inside the car we rented at Heho Province.
The view on the way to our hotel

We booked our hotel via Agoda. The price is just right and the hotel looks so charming especially at night because of the twinkling Christmas light in front of the hotel. The distance drive is around 45 minutes.

Our hotel in Heho Province.
The price of 3 days and 2 nights and the date we check-in is stated above. Breakfast is included for the four of us.

We arrived at the hotel around 7 pm, rested for a while and we ate at the hotel restaurant. There is only 2 staff in the restaurant and they cook the food so waited for a while before they finally served the food. On the first dinner night in Yangon, we ordered shrimp noodle soup, vegetable noodle soup, and fried rice.

Our Dinner at Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotel.
Our dinner at Yangon Amazing Nyang shwe hotel.

The food is okay and tastes simple. We don’t like the soup that much it was okay. After our dinner, my husband was able to check the nearby night market. Kids and I just waited in the hotel for the safety of the kids and to rest for the next tip on the following day.

Night Market Heho Province.
Night Market near our hotel. We walked for 15-20 minutes to reach the place.

At around 9 PM in the evening we prepared to sleep in preparation for our tour the next day first thing in the morning.

Myanmar's version of Noodle soup.
Myanmar’s version of Noodle soup we ordered for our breakfast. The noodle tastes okay but we did not like its combination of ingredients.
Eggs and sausages for our breakfast.
Our breakfast on the nest day is eggs and sausages as well with that black crunchy rice that we did not even eat. I tried a little bit of it and it tastes fine but too hard to eat especially for kids. The breakfast is included in the hotel so we did no pay anything.

We woke up at 6 am in the morning, finished breakfast before the clock hit 7 am and left the hotel by exactly 7 am to start our tourist spot in Heho Myanmar. We arranged the car for our tour and the car picked us in the hotel.


Most of the tourists in Heho are visiting this Kakku Pagoda so we made sure to see it too. Travel time between our hotel to Kaku Pagoda is about 2-3 hours. The Kakku Pagodas is located in a remote location, ancient site densely filled with 2,400+ stupas, some dating from the 12th–18th centuries.

The start of our tour in Heho Province Myanmar.
That is the view inside the car after leaving our hotel.
The private car we used for all our tours while we are in Heho.

After a few hours, we arrived at Kakku Pagoda. We parked our car a few meters away just in front of the Kakku pagodas. Our kids just continue sleeping while on the way to Pagodas, inside the car was very comfortable with a good ambiance so it was very relaxing while we are hitting the road. Our driver was very friendly at the same time.

The Kakku Pagoda Heho Myanmar.
The view of Pagoda while we are approaching its entrance.
Hotel nearby the Kakku Pagoda.
Just near the Pagodas is a hotel named Goldern Island Cottage.

For the visitors to get inside one must remove the shoes as a sign of respect to the history, people, and culture.

Kakku Pagoda Myanmar.
My husband while removing his shoes in front of the pagodas.
The entrance fee at Kakku Pagoda.
Before entering Kakku Pagoda, a 3 US dollar entrance fee per person is a must.
The Kakku Pagoda.
These are the view inside, with 2,500 ancient Pagodas.
The bell inside the Kakku Pagoda.
A lot of bells can see in every corner of the Pagoda complex
The Buddhist altar of Kakku Pagoda.
A lot of Buddha statues like that in the pictures can be seen inside the complex where some devotees are offering some foods and even money.
Statue inside the Kakku Pagoda.
The Date on The Pagoda is Indicated, Kakku Myanmar.
Encrypted from one of the pagodas showing the date it was built.
Locals are fixing the Kakku Pagoda.
Saw a few people trying to rebuild some broken pagodas.

After about 30 minutes of walks inside the Pagoda complex, we decided to move on to our next destination. I took a lot of photos inside the complex as a memorable travel experience of our family before leaving the site.


Hilltop local winery offering dramatic lake & valley views, plus wine tastings & facility tours.

Red Mountain Estate vineyard and winery.
Took a few pictures before entering the main entrance of the winery.
Winery wine tasting.

There is a wine tasting area inside as well as a restaurant overviewing the mountainside.

The winery restaurant, Myanmar.
The restaurant for wine tasting.
The four types of wine for tasting.
There are four available options for wine tasting.

But before we do the wine tasting we made sure that we ate first. We chose the table where we can see the beautiful view of the mountain.

The tables with beautiful view at Winery Myanmar, Red Mountain.
This is us while waiting for our lunch. The dining table where visitors can get the best view of the mountainside. We did ask for the white wine to taste it while eating the potato fries.
Foods from Red mountain Winery Myanmar.
Those are the foods that we order namely Heho`s version of chicken fried rice, vegetable soup, and potato fries.
Lunch from red mountain winery.
Plus this hot bowl of rice topped with different kinds of vegetables.

Now tasting the wines from red mountain Myanmar.
Ending up to try all four variants of wine available at the store. One glass of wine not in the picture.

The foods are well cooked and tasty. We had enjoyed our lunch while watching the flowers and trees from afar. My husband loves drinking different kinds of wine so he asks for another type of wine until he asked all the four types of wine they offer. He likes white wines the most and red wine as the least.

Outside the Red mountain Winery Myanmar.
Outside the restaurant.
The Parking lawn of red mountain winery.
The view outside served as the
parking area for the guest.

After we ate we directly went back to the hotel and rest for a while before going out for dinner. But during our arrival at our hotel, my husband`s stomach suddenly so upset after drinking the four types of wine. He keeps on vomiting for so many times. He tried his best to stand and brought us to the local restaurant near the hotel but after that, he needs to return to the hotel just to vomit. He did not eat on that bed and just went to bed after picking us from the restaurant. On the following day, he seems a lot better and was able to continue our tour the next day.

Local restaurant nearby our hotel.
The local restaurant near our hotel. Waiters are pleasantly friendly to all the guests.
Appetizer from  Sinoyaw restaurant Heho Myanmar.
They offer a free appetizer that looks like crunchy chips with its vinegar sauce.

We ordered two kinds of foods from their menu. My husband has no appetite at all due to stomach pain so only my two kids and me.

Vegetable by Sinoyaw Heho Myanmar.
I forgot what exactly the local name but we ordered this mixed vegetable viand.
Grilled Tilapia from Sinoyaw Restaurant.
My eldest son loves tilapia so we ordered this grilled tilapia with vegetable sidings.
Lemon Juice by Sinoyaw Restaurant Heho Myanmar.
My Husband only took this lemon juice and a few pieces of bananas for dinner.
Potato Fries from Sinoyaw restaurant.
Potato fries for our children too.

After our dinner, we went to bed and excited for our next adventure for the following day.


For our third day in Heho, we went boating over the famous Inle Lake. The boat station is just walking distance from the hotel. We left the hotel at around 8 AM and reach the boat station before 9 AM. The tour guide/the man controlling the boat pick up us from the hotel and guide us to his boat. Boating at 9 am is so cold and thankfully our boatman has a complete thick blanket for all of us. Even we are already wearing a jacket we are still cold, so another blanket is more comfortable and way warmer.

Birds Preservation Area Myanmar, Inle Lake.
The Birds Preservation Area Inle Lake, we saw it after about 30 minutes of boating from the boat station.
The Birds Preservation Area Myanmar, Inle Lake.
The little birds lining up at the fence at the Inle Lake.
RIding the boat roaming at Inle Lake Myanmar.
Inle Lake Myanmar.
The boat of Heho Myanmar sailing at Inle Lake. We are four in the family with the captain of the boat sailing with us. Iside the boat has four chairs for the passengers and it was a comfortable trip to Inle Lake.
The famous Leg Rowing fisherman of Inle Lake Myanmar.
This is the famous leg-rowing fisherman of Inle Lake, by using the leg to row and to catch the fish.
Floating house of Inle Lake Myanmar.
We spotted a floating house, culminating a fish just surrounding the house.
Floating houses of Inle Lake Myanmar.
On the way to another tourist spot, While Touring the Inle Lake we saw different kinds of floating houses.

NGWE SIN TUN Silver Smith and Work Shop Inchan Village

The first and only jewelry local shop in Heho. Located at Inchan Village, were jewelry makers patiently mold and sell it to the tourist and locals. The Primary source of livelihood in the village through handmade effort. There are different kinds of jewelry, charms, figurines, and many other pieces of stuff inside the store.

Local Jewelry store Inchan Village Myanmar.
The sample of jewelry, made by the local staff.
Silver fish from Inle Lake.
What we bought from the store.

Bought silverfish amulet for the kids as a remembrance in male and female versions.

NGWE SIN TUN jewelry shop at Heho Inle Lake Myanmar.
The stop by area for a boat in front of the jewelry market of Heho.

Our boatman is waiting for us on the other side of the bridge. We hurried to the boat as our flight is on the same day, we wanted to see two more tourist places in Inle Lake.


Before going back to the ducking boat we stop by the Inn Dein, included from the group of Buddhist pagodas in the village of Indein, near Ywama and Inlay Lake in Shan State, Myanmar. Rent a two motorbike to reach the pagoda and the driver was all friendly.

Temple near the INN Dein Complex.
Motor ride going to Inn Dein Pagoda.
Travel time is only 5-10 minutes. We saw some visitors walking to the pagodas but since we are in a hurry we decided to rent a motorbike. The ride was so easy and our kids enjoyed it as well.
The Inn Dein Pagoda Heho Myanmar.
Pagodas inside the Inn Dein. Barefoot must do before entering the premises.
Boat waiting area for Inn Dein Visitors.
This is the ducking boat of Inn Dein.

After 10 minutes at the Pagoda Inn Dein Complex, we move down back to our boat and headed back to the Inle Lake. One more Pagoda to visit before we go back to our hotel.


Surrounded this Pagoda is a traditional floating market, Burmese merchandise. Of all the pagodas that we visited, this place has the most people. We made it inside and we saw a lot of Burmese offering a prayer, singing songs for the buddha and dropping incentives to the pagoda, some gave money and some gas gave foods a sign of respect to the Buddhist and Pagoda.

Phaung Daw OO Pagoda.
The scenery before we reach the entrance of the pagoda.
Inside the Phaung Daw OO Pagoda.
Inside the Pagoda, visitors may stay on the first floor or on the main prayer room at the second level of Pagoda.
Phaung Daw OO Pagoda Myanmar.
The Pagoda is surrounded by the water of Inle Lake which Looks like it was floating in the lake.
Back Automated Machine at Phaung Daw OO Pagoda.
Just in front of the pagoda is an Atm Machine if in case you need to withdraw some funds for buying Burmese merchandise.
Took this picture at the boat station after touring everything. Snap some photos with our boatman and we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our flight.

This trip to Heho, Inle Lake gave us everything a new experience that we will never forget. This is the first time we traveled by a huge simple boat in the middle of a wide lake with our kids. Truly something that we will never forget. A very thrilling adventure for the whole family.

Last Lunch at Heho.

Walk for 20 minutes going to the hotel and arrive a little bit late for lunch. We are so hungry and in a hurry to catch our flight so we only ordered only this pasta, kebab chicken, and potato fries. My husband is still no appetite because of the wine that upset his stomach.

Leaving Heho.
Now on to our next adventure. Left the hotel by 2 PM and the hotel staff arranged for a car to drove us to the Heho Airport.
Heho Airport.
Arrived a little early as the booth for golden air is still close. Waited for 10 minutes and we are instructed to move to the waiting area of the airport.