Our Experience in Shabu Sai Japanese Restaurant In Niigata Aeon Mall this 2020

On the second Sunday of July, my family decided to went to the Botanical Garden of Niigata. Right after touring the garden we directly went to Aeon Mall to have our lunch. We arrived at 1 PM in the afternoon at the mall. During weekdays the mall is too crowded inside and of course in the parking area. It is too hard to look for an available space to park our car but after a few minutes of waiting at least, we found an open space. People inside are all following the protocol here in Japan with regards to the pandemic COVID-19. All are wearing a mask and observing the social distance of 1 meter.

There are many Japanese restaurants to choose from inside the Aeon mall but we decided to eat at this restaurant named Shabu Sai. The restaurant menu is mainly on eating all you can style or buffet style. During our arrival, we lined up for our turn as there are many customers waiting outside the restaurant.

The name of the restaurant with its furigana and English named Shabu Sai.
The prices and its menu at Shabu Sai Restaurant Aeon Mall Niigata.
You could see the prices of the menu offering from the restaurant just in front of the cashier near the entrance.
The prices and its menu at Shabu Sai Restaurant Aeon Mall Niigata.
On the other corner is this model food and its price displayed all the different options to choose from.

The waiter guided us to our table first and then asked us what is our order. We choose unlimited Shabu-shabu for all of us. We then headed to the vegetable buffet to mixed with the pork. They do have sukiyaki too from their menus.

The Buffet of Shabu Sai Restaurant.
The vegetables and noodles buffet.
Hot pot and stove at Shabu Sai Restaurant.
The waiter served us these two kinds of soup in a spicy and plain soup. The stove is electric type so need to worry about safety. Just watch your kids and instruct them properly to don’t touch the pan and the cooking set.
Thinly sliced pork from Shabu Sai restaurant.
The waiter then serves us this thin-sliced pork in 6 tower tray.
Pork and vegetables from Shabu Sai niigata Aeon Mall.
Thinly sliced pork with the vegetables we picked from the buffet.

There are so many vegetables to chose from the buffet table such as cabbage, carrot, onions, mushrooms, okra, onion leek, mushrooms, and many more. Tofu and different kinds of noodles were available too. We ate the shabu soup with the delicious rice topped with seaweed. Our kids can even eat rice alone as it was so tasty.

The Shabu Sai Restaurant Niigata Aeon Mall.
Mixed it together in the hot soup pan and boiled for a few minutes.
The Shabu Sai Sauce.
The sauce we got is those two in the picture. One is a little bit sour with a taste of soy sauce, while the other one is a little bit gingerly in taste.

Both are so delicious and the meat is so fresh and tasty. Vegetables were so crunchy that we need to get for another batch of vegetables and meat. After our unlimited shabu-shabu, kids have a free ice cream dessert included in the food that we ordered.

Soft ice cream from Shabu Sai Aeon Mall restaurant.
Soft ice cream in Vanilla flavor.

Overall we enjoyed our lunch in Shabu Sai restaurant. We paid for 4100 yen, pricy but it was all worth it. Can’t wait for our next visit to Sabu sai Restaurant.