Ueno Zoo: Our Favorite Zoo in Tokyo, Japan


Our family has been going in and out of Japan for so many times and have been visiting Ueno Zoo for a couple of times too. Kids love animals, so we always brought them to the Zoo. Ueno Zoo is just near central Tokyo, located in Taito Tokyo Japan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is managing the Ueno Zoo. You can reach the Ueno Zoo by riding a regular train. The nearest train station to Ueno Zoo is the Ueno station. Whichever train line you choose make sure to refer to the signs of “Park Gate” inside the train station. Ueno Zoo is inside Ueno Park Zoological Garden, once you found the Ueno Park you will quickly locate the Ueno Zoo. You need to walk straight for about 15 minutes from the entrance gate of Ueno Park before you reach the entrance of Ueno Zoo. Note that during Cherry Blossom season this Ueno Park has a vast number of people as well as the Zoo. When you see the Zoo follow the line at the entrance of the Zoo and buy a ticket before entering. Schedules and prices of tickets are on the official website of Tokyo Ueno Zoo. Click here for Ueno Zoo Map which can view also from their websites.

Ueno Park Japan
The Ueno Park on the way to Ueno Zoo. Ueno Zoo is on the left side of this street of Ueno Park.
Ueno Zoo Japan
The entrance of Ueno Zoo.

The most famous animals in Ueno Zoo are their iconic Panda just near the entrance of the Zoo. When you get to see the Panda inside, you only have about 5 minutes to see them while you are still in motion walking towards the exit. If you want to see, the cute black pandas make sure to come early to endure the long line, and the sunny weather is still not on the hottest. We went here during Spring Time in April 2019, so the weather is not cold anymore. You will see the Panda on the eastern part of the Zoo, and this is the most crowded part of the Zoo too, though: the western part across the bridge has fewer people and still has many options of animals to see. Don’t Forget to bring your baby stroller for fast walking time and a hat for sun rays protection. Wear Comfortable shoes as the Ueno Zoo is a 14.3-hectare. If you have all these, then you are ready to see all the cute animals inside the Ueno Zoo.

Giant Turtle of Ueno Zoo Japan
The Giant Turtle.
Crocodile at Ueno Zoo Japan
The Crocodile.
Owl From Ueno Zoo Japan
The white Bird Owl.
Penguins from Ueno Zoo Japan
The Penguins.

The pictures above are very few from the animals you can see inside the Zoo. Ueno Zoo has a diverse selection of animals such as lions, elephants, birds, wild boar, monkeys, snakes, and many more. Ueno Zoo is a great place to gain animals knowledge and information while spending with the kids. Other than viewing the animals inside the Zoo, Ueno Zoo also operates monorail and will bring you on the upper part of the Zoo. Kids who love riding the train will enjoy riding here while watching the beautiful surroundings of the Ueno Zoo. Departures are scheduled every seven minutes, and the fare for the 90-seconds trip is 150 yen.

After touring around the Ueno Zoo you can have your meal from their restaurant inside the Zoo. Just be patient to look for a vacant table.

Ueno Zoo lunch Meal.
Our lunch meal during our visit to Ueno Zoo.

Overall we enjoyed touring the zoo, one of the beautiful and well-managed zoos we have been up to date. I can’t wait for my kids to bring there again.