What to see at Yangon Myanmar


The first country we visited for our long month vacation in Asia is Myanmar Yangon City. We booked a flight from Thailand going to Myanmar under Nok Air. Nok Air is a low-cost airline in Thailand operating mostly domestic services out of Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport. Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and we arrived at 8:15 in the evening. From the International Airport of Yangon, we got a taxi and head out to our hotel. From the airport, we already noticed a lot of monks wearing their traditional old shoulder bearing clothes despite the cold temperature inside the airport. Some monks are wearing long sleeves but some weren’t.

The Monitor of Nok Air Airlines Myanmar, flashing the scheduled flight.
Our scheduled flight was taken at Thailand Airport just before we boarded to our flight in Myanma,

We chose the Clover Hotel for its very affordable price. Upon our arrival, we noticed that our booking date is incorrect as we mistakenly booked a wrong date for our arrival but the hotel staff is so nice in dealing with the problem as they still process our bookings and welcome us to stay on December 8-9.

Clover CIty Center Plus hotel Myanmar from my Agoda personal account after we check out the hotel.
The price of a one-night stay in their hotel is 2,176.28 Pesos.
The hotel Clover Hotel Bedroom which our family stays for one night.
This is the bed of our family room in Hotel Clover in Myanmar.

The room is well arranged, cleaned and well-organized, the same as what we saw from the Agoda website.

Free products from Clover hotel Plus Myanmar.
The bathroom has hygienic necessities like bath soap, toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner.
The view of Clover hotel Myanmar Heho, outside the street.
This is the location of the hotel where the entrance of the hotel can see.
The food that we took out from Japanese restaurant just beside the clover hotel Myanmar.
We arrived late at night so we had no chance to eat outside instead we just order food from a nearby restaurant and brought it to our room. This food is the most delicious we have tasted in Myanmar.
The Street of Clover Hotel Myanmar.
The street surrounded our hotel in Myanmar taken early morning.
Young Monk we saw outside the Clover hotel Myanmar.
A female young monk of different ages, heads are shave, lined on the street as they asked for food from different stores just near our hotel.
The Buffet foods of Clover hotel Myanmar.
The hotels’ breakfast is in buffet style. Their food is delicious with fried rice, sauteed noodle, vegetables, bread and many more.
Our Breakfast at Clover Hotel Mynamar.
This is what we ate at the hotel during breakfast.

Staffs of Clover Hotel were all friendly and help us all the way until we check out the hotel.

After breakfast, we prepared our things and drop our luggage in the hotel receptionist. We plan to visit a few famous places in Yangon and just come back late in the afternoon to pick up our luggage.

Shwedagon Pagoda

This Pagoda is one of the most famous pagodas in the world and it is certainly the main attraction of Yangon, Myanmar’s capital city. This is the only place we planned to visit in Yangon.

The Shwedagon Pagoda.
The ticket for Shwedagon Pagoda is worth 10000 Kyats for each adult and kids ages 6 years old and up. Children of five years old and below are fee.
The second level of Schwedagon Pagoda.
The view from the second level entrance of Pagoda.
The Seconf level of Pagoda Myanmar.
Wearing shoes and socks from the entrance to the inside of Pagoda is strictly prohibited.
There are many well-structured Pagodas painted in golden, white and green inside the premises of Shwedagon.
Automated Teller Machine of Schwedagon Myanmar.
There is also an Automated Teller Machine everywhere inside the Pagoda.
People of Myanmar paying respect to the Buddhist temple of Myanmar,
Believers of the Pagoda are so many too just make sure to not disturb them if you were a tourist.
The Biggest Golden Pagoda of Myanmar YAngon.
This is the biggest Pagoda of Shwedagon.

Yangon Shangri-La Hotel

After our tour in Shwedagon, we went straight to Shangrila-hotel with a mall just beside it. We had our lunch here and attempt to withdraw inside as there is no compatible atm machine for our debit card, luckily we found one that allows us to withdraw our money. Then I went to the grocery to buy a diaper for our little boy, some snacks and hygienic products. Next went to the restaurant to have our lunch.

Shan Yoe Yar Myanmar Shanri la Mall.
The photo in front of Shangri-La hotel Yangon, Myanmar.

We rode a taxi going to Shangri-la hotel that is waiting for a passenger just infront of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

This is the restaurant we chose to eat for our lunch in Shangri-mall. They serve delicious authentic Burmese foods.
These are the foods we ordered, I can’t remember the exact name but it has ground chicken with vegetable, two kinds of Burmese noodle soup and a sizzling chicken.
The total amount we pay at the restaurant of Shangri la Hotel, Myanmar Yangon.
The total bill for our lunch in Shangri-la mall.

Right after eating we headed back to our hotel to pick up our luggage as we have scheduled a domestic flight going to Heho, Myanmar later in the afternoon.
Golden Airlines checking gate.
Lining up for our flight to Heho via Golden Airlines, Myanmar.
The Daparture area of Yangon Domestic airport.
The Departure area of Yangon, very clean and organized.
Yangon Domestic airport lounge.
My husband has an individual lounge card that allows him to avail of the Airport lounge while we waited for him in the waiting gate area.
Lounge coffee and sweets.
He was able to zip hot coffee and a few desserts from the lounge.
Myanmar COnveniece store Domestic flight.
If in case you don’t have the airport card lounge there is a convenience store just near the waiting area. The store has many varieties of foods as well as things that you may need during the flight.

Remember that during your check-in, the Security personnel will confiscate all the mineral water inside your belongings. Sometimes, they give one bottle if you have a child from your family.

Domestic airport restaurant.
This is one restaurant inside the departure area that caught our attention because of the beautiful Christmas trees displayed inside.

By around 6 PM we departed the Yangon Domestic Airport and ready to continue our adventure at another city of Myanmar. Flight time to be in Heho from Yangon takes 45 minutes only.