Places to Visit in Indonesia


In this trip, going to the Zoo is the main reason our family chooses to visit Indonesia, our kids love to see animals, so we think of bringing them to Indonesia’s famous Zoo and for us to educate ourselves on Indonesia’s culture and history. Also to get a fair share of relaxation after our hard work on our everyday lives, it is our way to refresh our souls and to acquire positive energy to balance the stress we are encountering in our daily lives. For us, travel is the best medicine for our tired souls.

To start with, Indonesia is one of the populous countries in the world and made up of thousands of islands. Most tourist usually comes to Bali known for their beautiful beaches but aside from that Bali is famous also because of their temples, zoo and many more. Read on as you find out that traveling to Indonesia offers so much more than the beach. We booked our trip to Bali Indonesia for four days and booked another flight to Yogyakarta International Airport, where we stayed for another three days. We booked a service car and brought us to the places we wanted to see. Below are the places we visited.

Main Entrance of Bali Zoo Indonesia
The main entrance to Bali Zoo
  • Bali Zoo

Kids love animals, that’s why we made sure to bring them here. We arrived in the morning to avoid so much heat from the sun. Here we observed the behavior of different animals. Surroundings are full of greens that are pleasant to the eyes and are suitable for the people. Make sure to get a map as you will see there the schedules of the animal’s activities and the options of the path. You may choose to have a breakfast overlooking the elephants or decide to have a closer look while taking care of the elephants. You will surely enjoy any attractions you’ll choose the Bali Zoo. There are attractions in the zoo wherein animals are showing their amazing tricks. You may have your meal while watching some animals interacting with the other guest. No doubt, our kids enjoyed here. Make sure to bring with you your kids stroller or baby carrier to help you endure walking around the zoo. For complete reference please check their official websites at Bali Zoo, Ubud.

Gorilla at Bali Zoo Indonesia
Gorilla of Bali Zoo
Animals of Bali Indonesia
Animals showing amazing tricks to the audience.
Elephant Bali Zoo Indonesia
View while having our lunch from one of the restaurant inside the Bali Zoo.
Bird from Bali Zoo Indonesia
Exotic Bird from Bali Zoo.
  • Monkey Ubod Forest

This place is also known as the sacred monkey sanctuary forest and area of holy temples. The best time to visit, I think it is in the morning as the sun is still not hot. Be careful of your belongings and any small things because monkeys here know how to get an object inside your luggage. Yes, monkeys know how to open the zipper of your bags to get something in it. You can see also a small monkey carried by the mother monkey, and some monkeys are aggressive with each other. Follow the instructions written along the path for your safety. You may get a tour guide if you want or go there on your own. The map is displayed in every corner. You may refer to their official website of Monkey Forest Ubud for the tickets and events schedules.

Monkey sanctuary Indonesia
Monkey sitting while eating inside the sanctuary.
Monkey At Bali Zoo Indonesia
Another monkey eating while sitting in the monkey statue at the sanctuary.
Monkeys at Ubod Forest Indonesia
Monkeys in the middle of the forest sanctuary.
Ubod Forest Map Indonesia
The official map displayed on site to notify tourist.
  • Arma Museum

To have an insight into the history of Indonesia, we checked their museum as well. Walking to the entrance of the museum feels like you are walking in the middle of the forest. Taking pictures inside is strictly prohibited, but what we saw Inside was a different kind of artwork and portraits made by the famous people of Indonesia. Gardens also around the museum are one of the beautiful attractions we saw.

  • Batur Natural Hot Spring

Just before we end our stay in Bali, we made sure to have a quiet and relaxing time by visiting lake Batur. It is a crater lake in Kintamani Bali about 30km northeast of Ubud Bali, and the lake is inside the active volcano named Mount Batur. This hot spring tends to always have many guests due to its beautiful view of the mountains while enjoying the warm temperature on the water.

Mount Batur Indonesia
You can see here the Mount Batur, view when we are still on the highway just before we go to Batur hot springs.
Hotspings Batur Indonesia
Beautiful view from the hot springs.
Mountain view from Batur  Indonesia
Relaxing view of the lake and mountains.
  • Yogyakarta Candi Prambanan Temple

This historical place is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest Hindu Temple site in Indonesia and the second-largest in Southeast Asia. We booked a service car just to come here. Make sure to a lot more time exploring this place as the area of the temples are spacious. Its main characteristic is the tallest and pointed architecture; the main reason this temple attracts many tourists around the world.

Yogyakarta Candi Prambanan Temple´╗┐ Indonesia
The magnificent tall cone structure of Yogyakarta Candi Prambanan Temple.
  • Borobudur Central Java

It is the worlds most significant Buddhist temple located just near the town of Muntilan Central Java Indonesia, and this is also another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple consists of stacked platforms, a pyramidal base, and square terraces. We stayed for hours to keep on checking the good carvings on the walls. You need to buy a ticket to get inside and prepare to walk huge stairs. We enjoyed the view while we reach the top of the temple. One of the fantastic and great times we have been up to date.

Borobudur Central Java Indonesia
On the top of Borobudur Temple.
Carvings on the stone wall of Borobudur Central Java
Amazing carvings on the stone walls of Borobudur Temple.
Statue at Borobudur Central Java
The temple is in the middle of forested area. Statue at Borobudur Temple.
Another amazing carvings on the wall of Borobudur Temple.
We stayed in this hotel just walking distance from the Borobudur Temple. Relaxing and very accommodating staff. Checked their official website for on-going promos at Manohara Borobudur.