Our Coron Experience at Sunlight Eco-tourism Island PART 2

This is a continuation of my blog about our experience at Coron Palawan. Please click this link for Our Coron and sunlight guest hotel experience PART 1.

On the next morning, we wake up early and had our breakfast in the same restaurant. The breakfast is in buffet style again with the same menu served on our first day of arrival. It was around 10 am when we leave the sunlight guest hotel. We rode the motorboat via the hotel port with a tight security check of our luggage. The boat captain told everyone to wear the life jacket for safety before boarding the speedboat.

Sunlight Eco-tourism pick up boat.
The motor boat of sunlight eco-tourism resorts that pick us from sunlight guest hotel.
The view from our speedboat.
The journey to Sunlight eco-tourism resorts will take 20-30 minutes
View from the boat showing the front view of the hotel rooms.
Sunlight Eco-Tourism docking port.
We are fetched by the hotel’s mini-car. Resorts docking port looks so good as it gives a very good ambiance located in the middle of the ocean.
Sunlight Eco-Tourism welcome drink and necklaces.
The hotel crew gave us a warm welcome by giving us a welcome drink and presented the necklaces made of shell and inorganic flower.
Sunlight Eco-Tourism receiving area.
From the reception area, this Crabby table and chairs caught our attention. Whoever made this furniture surely did a lot of hardwork and effort to finish this craft. Our son love crab and he gave it a thumbs up too.
The reception area of the sunlight eco-tourism hotel and resorts.
The reception area of the sunlight eco-tourism hotel and resorts.
Sunlight eco-tourism cluster room.
Our room for 2 days and 1 night.
The view from cluster room of sunlight eco-tourism hotel.
The terrace giving a tourist the magnificent view of the ocean and different kinds of fishes swimming just beneath the room. The rooms looks like floating in the middle of the ocean.
Sunlight eco-tourism room accessssories.
Inside the rooms can find complimentary slippers that you can bring upon check out from the resorts. The rattan bag is free to use but if you break it you need to pay it. The security box is present too that you can use your own personal password. White robes are also free to use.
The sunlight eco-tourism cluster room.
The room has a minibar with different kinds of drinks in its tiny mini bottle. Hot pot, coffee maker and refrigerator are in the room too. Television is present but we did not try to use it.
SUnlight eco-tourism hotel,
The comfort room with shower area, complete with hygienic accessories.
The hygienic kit pf Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The room is complete with lotion and shampoo. Hygienic kit such as comb, toothbrush, hairbrush, hairnet and sawing kit. The soap and shampoo has a good smell that I enjoy to use while we stay in the hotel.

After checking our room and changing our clothes we did not waste our time and head outside to check the surroundings of the resorts. We first review the poolside as our kids want to swim in the pool right away.

The sunlight eco-tourism infinity pool.
The Sunlight Eco-tourism infinity pool. Every corner in the resorts has a beautiful view.
The beach side of sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The sea-side with its chairs and cottages.
Sunlight signage's is present in every corner.
The resorts has a guide displayed everywhere to guide all the tourists of the location.
Sunlight signage's is present in every corner.
Sunlight eco-tourism rental yacht.
The resorts has its own yacht that tourist may rent for Php 50,000 for up to 5 hours.

After checking around we decided to have our lunch. There were no tourist during that time so we are the only customer by that time. Guests may opt to do island while at the sunlight eco-tourism island. It was 12 NN when we arrived in the restaurant. Their available menu for lunch is alacarte.

The restaurant of Sunlight Eco-tourism hotel and resort.
The restaurant of Sunlight Eco-tourism hotel and resort.
The restaurant of Sunlight Eco-tourism hotel and resort.
Beside the restaurant are the coconut trees over viewing the serene view of the ocean.
The sunlight eco-tourism menu book as of sempember 2019.
This is from one of the menu of sunlight hotel restaurant as of September 2019.
Our lunch meals at Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
Our lunch meals at Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.

We enjoyed the delicious food of the resort, but there are few from the meal that we think were salty. But overall, the dining experience is remarkable. 🙂 After lunch, we continue to roam the island. This time we rode the mini car of the hotel to continue touring the island.

The clinic of Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The Sunlight Eco-tourism resorts has its own clinic and security car. Nurse is in the island too.
Diving store of sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
A diving store can find at the island as well with all their swimming equipment’s. Swim wears, sunblock, medicine, ladies accessories, bags, shoes and many more.
Diving store of sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
Beach necessities can find in their diving store.
The sunlight resorts gym.
The resorts has its own gym for those who want to get for some quick exercise.
KTV room of sunlight hotel.
A KTV is open too for those who want to sing.
SUnlight eco-tourism is still renovating some part of the hotel.
There are part of the resorts that is still under renovation.
Ricardo's island of Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
This is a road connecting to the small island of the resorts. They used to do the dinner here before but as of now its still under renovation.
Restaurant at Ricardo's island of Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
This is inside the small island that serve as a restaurant during night. But not in use during our stay there due to renovation. We saw kitchen utensils in the area and many more.
The view from Ricardo's island of Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The view from the small island.
This is the room at sunlight resorts called honeymoon rooms with see-through floors that we think good for our kids so they can always watch and see the swimming fish just beneath the room. This room caught our attention. That’s why we chose this hotel, but unfortunately, the cost is way too high for us as it is priced at Php 30,000 for one night, so we end up booking the cluster hotel, which costs Php 9,000 per night.
Sunlight Eco-tourism beach side.
Resting for a while after touring the sunlight eco-tourism island.

After touring the sunlight Eco-tourism island we stayed at the seaside and rested for a while. Our kids enjoyed playing the shells and digging the beach sand. We swam until the sunlight went down from the sky. Caught small fishes and let it go after a while. Played with the kids until we got tired. We just had to stop when its time to eat for dinner. We go back to our room first and then clean our selves and prepared for dinner. By 6:30 PM we are inside the restaurant. The foods are served in buffet which cost PHP 1000 per adult and PHP 500 for each kid. Our family decided to just go on with ala carte menu and paid the total cost of Php 1500. We felt that it is too much for us to avail of the buffet food that’s why we chose a la carte. We got the same satisfaction on the food we ordered that night and felt so full after our dinner. On the next day we woke up early as it was our last day in the island. Went to the restaurant right away for breakfast. The breakfast is included in the hotel for all the guests.

The sun rise view from sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The sun-rise view from our room.
The cluster room of Sunlight eco-tourism resorts.
The cluster rooms.
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Pancakes and Jams
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Cereal and milk.
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Breads, jam and butter.
Guests can request what kind of egg they want to eat for breakfast, different toppings or ingredients can add on the egg too and the chef will cook it right away.
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Hot noodles and different kinds of condiments to choose from are on the tables.
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Vegetables salad.
Sunlight eco-tourism resorts buffet breakfasts.
Yogurt and fruits for desserts.

Our flight to Clark airport is scheduled by 2PM so the hotel booked our pick up and drop to Coron airport from the island at 12 NN. While waiting for our boat we stayed at the beach and played with our kids despite the heat from the sun.

Sunlight eco-tourism resorts island port.
This is the island port of Sunlight eco-tourism hotel and resorts. While waiting at the port for the other passenger, the kids feed the fishes just nearby the port. The speed boat arrived at 11:30 AM. It was another 30 minutes of boat travel. We stopped at Sunlight guest hotel for another van transfer.
Sunlight eco-tourism van.
Inside the van that brought us to the airport.
The Busuanga Airport.
Busuanga, Palawan Airport.
Coron Airport canteen.
Eat our lunch at the nearby canteen of the airport. This is the only place where travellers can have lunch.
Coron Airport canteen
The canteen is offering a simple menu in Filipino cuisine.
Coron Airport canteen
Many passengers are coming inside the canteen.
Coron airport waiting area.
Airport waiting area.
Boarding at Coron Palawan
We are about to board at this moment.
Aerial view  of Palawan.
The view of Palawan just above the sky after take off.
CLark international Airport.
Arrived at Clark International Airport and pick up our luggages.
The bus that take us at Manila.

Choosing PAL from Clark International Airport makes us save at least a few amounts of money rather than directly booking a flight from Manila airport. Passengers can choose from Manila NAIA International Airport flight under SKYJET airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines (No flight during typhoon season or when the end of the year) or Philippine Airlines with a slightly higher fare.

This is the total air fare for our trip from COron to Clark International Airport under Philippines Airlines.

Overall, we enjoyed our Coron adventure. From riding the ship, to island hopping, foods, swimming, tour at the hotels and the unending play at the resorts makes all the tiring trip so worth it. The views of the Islands too is really breathtaking. Coron is actually the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen. So grateful and proud to call this country home. Icouldnt count how many times I was blown away by the beauty of Coron Palawan. I will surely miss the beaches here in the Philippines once we migrated to other country. Indeed another sweet memories we will always cherished.