Residing Internationally and Got an SOS Only from My Mobile Network


So I was born in the Philippines but recently migrated To Japan Last year. My mobile subscribers were under Smart PLDT, one of the leading telecom companies in the Philippines. So before I went here, I enrolled my number to roaming settings to connect to my beloved family easily. After migrated to Japan, I encountered an error in my phone that always says SOS Only, wherein I could not receive any incoming/outgoing calls or messages. I tried to call Smart Telecom with my friend’s help, and they said my mobile number was still active, and they could not see any problems under my account. So they tried to ask me a few steps that I need to change to regain the normal network on my phone. Below are the screenshots of my phone. First, go to your phone settings>Wireless and Networks>then Mobile network. You will see the windowpane just like in the picture below for Huawei mobile handset. As you can see, it was in SOS Only, as shown in the top left corner of the screenshot. By the way, I’m using two kinds of sim, first is under the Japan network while the other is under the Phillippine Telecom Smart. My philippine sim is the one I’m having trouble with the network and inserted it in SIM 2. Continue to choose the Carrier option, and you will be prompted in the Network Selection window.

Sos only error.

Set the network selection to off or disable it. Then turn off your handset for 5 minutes. After turning on, Go back to the last option you did before you turn it off. Go to Available networks and manually search the network.

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Set to Manually to search for network.

The list of the network must appear, and you must choose the one with a checkmark. In my case, the main Network mobile carrier in Japan is the NTT Docomo, so I set it under NTTDOCOMO. This means my Smart network will register under Ntt Docomo. After I manually searched and set it to NTT DOCOMO, I now regain my connection to Smart Telecom and start receiving messages again.

Successfully set to NTT DOCOMO.
Registered my smart sim under NTT Docomo 3G Japan.

My network connection was in peace for seven days, but I returned to SOS again after a few days. I did the steps above, but it keeps on returning to SOS only all over again. Since the second time around, the first steps did not work on me. What I did for the last resort is I paid in advance for my monthly bill thinking that I might exceed my monthly credit limit. Even though I didn’t know how much exactly my billing is, I did send a payment via mobile banking for my postpaid mobile number because one possibility for loss of connection is I exceeded the limit for the whole month. After sending my payment, it works like magic. So fast and so reliable no need to do anything on the settings of my handset. So if I were you, try to pay first in advance so you could get a network you are longing for in an instant. This works for me all the time whenever I’m getting this SOS only error. I hope to you too as well.