The Panorama Tower and Climbing Car at Yahikoyama and Side trip to Teradomari Fish Market Niigata

My family visited another interesting place near our home town. Last Sunday, we made it to one of the oldest attractions here in Japan. Drive for around 1 hour before we reach the place from our house. The parking space was crowded, and I could get a space after waiting for a few minutes.

Walk for a few minutes and bought the ticket at the entrance gate. During that time, there were many people because it was Sunday, so that that weekend visits would be a lot better option. The adult ticket cost 500 Yen and 250Yen for children 7 and up.

The price of the ticket for adults.
Adult Ticket both for climbing car and Rotating Panorama Tower.
The price of the ticket for kids.
Child ticket for 7 years old and up both for climbing car and Panorama tower.

We chose to ride on the climbing car to go up the hill where a restaurant is located. People are crowded, but all are wearing a mask. There is only one climbing car going up and down the hill.

The climbing car.
Passengers going out of the climbing car while we wait for our turn to ride to go up the hill.
The view of the ground from the climbing car.
The Cable and slide are used to lift or go down the cable car with the parking lot’s view, which we took while we are inside the climbing car.
The Panorama tower just in front of the climbing car.
The view on the top of the hill is the Panorama rotating tower.

It was so crowded when we arrived at the hill. No restaurants are opened by that time, so we decided to climb up for another challenge on that day. There were a lot of climbers too of all ages.

Climbing the hill where the climbing car is located.
We continue to climb higher while waiting for the restaurant to open again.
As we continue to reach the highest part of the hill, we saw this satellite office of one famous japan TV or radio channel.

The astonishing view welcomed us at the highest peak of the mountain. The weather is perfect on that day, complementing the color of the sky. We rested for a few minutes and walked around, and saw a Japanese prayer corner.

The view at the summit.
The view on the top of the hill.

After resting on the top, we get off the hill hoping the restaurant is open already. At that time, it was past 1 PM. Luckily they accepted the customer and got our order.

Our lunch at the restaurant where the climbing car is located.
I ordered this hot ramen and Japanese curry, cold soba is not in the picture, but we had it too at our table.

We went down by the car hill again while we observe the safety protocol for covid 19. Back to the ground floor, we line up to the panorama tower. Most of the customers chose to sit on the panorama’s upper seat, which was full already by that time. We don’t want to wait for a longer time, so we decided to sit in the tower’s lower seat. There are only two groups in the lower part, and it’s okay with us. The view is just the same when the circle chairs go up the tower.

The view from Panorama tower.
From the Panorama tower, we saw the climbing car bringing passengers up and down.
The climbing car and the restaurant.
The view facing the hill where we had our lunch.

The view from the Panorama tower was so beautiful. It gave us 360 degrees view because it rotates while we are on the tower’s highest part. It quite scary somehow because it was of the oldest attractions of Japan, but it’s still working properly. It is an architectural building with observation decks overviewing the ocean, ricefields, and the mountains. No doubt Japanese quality is known as the best one. After the tower, we went down and checked some of the nearby hills. We also saw a way of going to the climbing car restaurant where no need to use the car, trekking only can reach it, but it takes a lot of time, especially with children.

Going home after the panorama car is not on our plan yet, so we had our side trip on that day on the crab market or Kani Market. When it’s getting cold in Japan, like fall or winter, it’s the perfect tie to but or go to the carb market again to but or eat some fresh big crab of Japan. It was far from our way, like we drove for 1 and a half hours going there and arrived around 5 PM. There were still many customers by that time, and we score 2 pieces of huge crab that we brought home for 2500 yen.

The teradomari fish market.
The Teradomari Market of Niigata prefecture.
Welcome sign board at the Fish market.
The crab or fish market is a home for fresh and preserves seafood.
The crab of Teradomari market.
The crab that caught our heart and our stomach. The taste was so good delicious.

I bought a piece of squid and snail then ate it in the car. It was so fresh too, and even our small child was able to eat the seafood. I went home after and ate the crab in the house. What a happy day it was, another place worth visiting as we continue to go with a new adventure every holiday. To more trips for us so I could share it all here with you.