Our Sendai Matsushima (Masamune) Bay Course Experience this Summer 2021 (Day 1 of 9)


After around 3 hours of drive from Fukushima Shida lake, we arrived at Sendai by 2 in the afternoon. This time we stop by Matsushima Bay. We rode the ferry to tour the surrounding mini islands and choose the Masamune Course Bay tour. The weather is good that day. A lot of tourists were already lined up for the next trip on the ferry. We got the 3 o’clock ferry tour after we bought the ticket at the counter.

The ticket we bought from the Masamune course.
Our ferry ticket, adult costs, was around 1360 yen if I remember correctly. An elementary student is 680 yen while free for a kindergarten student.

There are a lot of ferry options you can choose from the counter. I think we chose the best ferry because this is the safest or comfortable for a family with children based on how we look at it, with good facilities and I think the biggest ferry presents on that day. It gave us the relaxation we expected while we are on board.

The counter for tickets.
The ticket counter at Matsushima baby.
The second deck of the ferry.
The passenger seat. We selected the second deck because it gave us the best view while cruising. This, too, has fewer people on the ferry; payment was above average. The third level of the ferry requires additional payment or the expensive option, and I think I didn’t saw anyone stays there.
The Masamune bay.
The most famous rock island naturally shape made by the waves.
The Masamune pleasure course.
The bay is famous for its scattered mini islands. Also, beautiful when the moonlit on the islands. It gave a special or new look during winter when the tiny island was covered by snow. It’s raining during our sail, and glad to saw this rainbow after.
The ferry we rode during our sail at Masamune bay
I took this picture of a ferry named Aoba. We rode at Masamune bay after we get off. Our children enjoyed the ride while observing everything from the ocean and inside the vessel.

Just beside the Masamune bay is a forest good for a walk. You need to buy tickets if you enter the restaurant for adults that cost 150 Yen, but we noticed that after 5 PM, the entrance became free to everyone since the restaurant is closed by that hour.

A little walk at the Matsushima bay nearby forest.
Our children love insects, so they are motivated to walk inside the forest.
At the famous red bridge of Matsushima bay.
There’s a red bridge you need to pass beside Masamune bay to see the forest.
Stone marked that the tsunami reached the area.
We saw this standing stone just beside the bay, a mark that the Tsunami reach the area.
A temple just beside Matsushima bay.
Saw this temple too, just walking distance from Masamune bay.

We left the bay by around 5:30 in the afternoon. The car park can be found just a few meters from the bay, but during this visit, some were full. We are lucky we found one which is not that distance from the entrance of Masamune bay. If time agrees in the future, we might come back here again for another ferry tour on the bay.

The summer sunset.
Sunset view as we continue to drive to our route.
Hotel by 8PM.
Arrived at the hotel at around 8 PM. I went to sleep early to prepare for another adventure next week.