Our Experience in Ninox Ski Resort, Snow Kids Park at Shibata Japan

One month after our migration in Japan and we are still in the adjustment period. Last weekend we finally find time to go out with my whole family and do some enjoyment. Since its winter here in Japan, we decided to visit the ski resort one Saturday morning just near our house.

My daughter is a fan of Frozen movies so she really is so excited when she found out that we are going to a snow ski resort as she wants to try making a snowman just like the character in the frozen movie named Olaf. Our son is excited as well as he really wants to slide on a floor made of snow. It was 10 am in the morning when we left the house and it takes at least 45 minutes of drive to reach the ski resort. We arrived by 11 am and the people are quite many inside the resort. We park our car and prepare ourselves to get inside the ski resort. My husband who knows how to ski wore his ski essential equipment as well. Inside the resort is the divided place for professional skier and half of it is the allotted kid’s park where kids even adults can slide on the snowy ground with the use of some kind of a bucket. Just before going to the ski resort we made sure that all of us can all endure the cold ski resort by wearing snow gloves, layered jackets, snowsuits for skiing, winter hat and shoes.

Nox ski resort parking area.
The parking area of the Nox ski resort is located at the base of the resort just before entrance.
Skiing boots.
The skiing shoes hubby wore at ninox resort.
Skiing accessories.
Skis and sticks for skiing.
Ninox kids park.
The Smile kid’s park of ninox ski resort.
Skiing park for kids.
Our son sliding in the snow.
Playing snow at the resort.
Our daughter making the snowball.
Ninox ski resort.
Our son and daughter, tandem in sliding on the snow.
The entrance to Ski-resort.
The entrance and exit of the Ski resort.

Guests who wants to ski without any ski equipment may rent inside the resort. Adults and kids skiing gears are available. They also have a locker for the guests who want to keep their valuables while skiing in the resort.

Ninox rental house.
Rental house of Ninox ski resort.

Nox Ski resort has an official webpage where you may check all the details information of the resort. The price for the lifter going to different stations of skiers is indicated as well. Kindly head on the Ninox Snow Park website before going there to know the schedule of the resort. Sometimes the resort is closed due to snowfall absence.

Lifters of ninox ski resort.
The lifter for skiers in ninox ski resort. There are three stations, the last one being the highest starting at the top of the mountain.
Ninox ski resort Niigata Japan.
Guests are enjoying skiing at the resort.

Highly recommended for a family like us who loved adventure. We stayed for three hours and went home with almost freezing feet but our visit here is so worth it. We re going to go back again when time permits us. I might as well try skiing and who knows I may end up loving the winter here. 🙂