Climbing Sigiriya Rock at Dambulla, Sri Lanka

We checked out around 8 am at the Euro star Hotel on the 10th day of our Family refreshment vacation. We started our drive to Dambulla from Colombo after our breakfast while our driver checks in from another hotel, yet he arrived on time and picked us. We rented a car with its driver, which served as a tourist guide for our whole week’s stay in Sri-Lanka.

OUr room at Euro star hote Colombo Sri Lanka.
This photo shows our room at the Euro star hotel. We requested another bed as an additional but not included in the image.
The pool at euro star hotel.
Our room is on the second level of the hotel, and this is the pool view from our room.
Breakfast at Euro star hotel.
Breakfast consisted of fruits, bread, sausages, and eggs.
Our breakfast in Sri Lanka.

After breakfast, we drove to Dambulla to see the famous tourist attraction of Sri-Lanka. We slept for around 3 hours while on the road trip as we arrived the previous night so late at Colombo. Then stop by this local restaurant by lunch before we continue to our destination.

Local restautant at Dambulla Sri Lanka.
Curry restaurant named P and S at Sri Lanka on the way to Dambulla.
Rice with Indian curry at Sri Lanka.
It is a bit blurry, but plain white rice with the viand topped the different Sri Lankan foods.


After hibernating in our car while on the way to Dambulla, we gained so much energy for our next stop, children were playing inside the car and cant wait to go. After less than an hour for more drive, we arrived at Sigiriya rock entrance. Before we climbed, we bought a ticket for all of us. The price for each person for foreign tourists (adults and children) is indicated on the counter. There were no long lines during our visit, so we got our ticket so fast.

According to the locals of Dambulla, Sigiriya Rock is referred to as the world’s eighth wonders. The forest swallowed an ancient Archeological palace and the most visited Sri Lanka place; we think it is lovely. The rock was said to be formed because of an extinct volcano emitting magma, which is 200 meters higher from the ground. It gives a beautiful view when you reach the summit, one of the reasons it attracts tourists from all over the world every year.

Ticket counter of Sigiriya rock.
The e-ticket Counter before Climbing Sigiriya Rock, Sri-Lanka.
Our e-ticket barcode, a requirement before starting the climb to Sigiriya rock.
Family picture before climbing the Sigiriya rock.
A photo before climbing the boulder behind us.
Start of our trek at Rigiriya rock.
Our children, ages 6 and 4 years old at that time have never complained during our trek. They are so game to go with us. I just made sure to assist them and eyes on them during the journey to Sigiriya rock fortress.
Warning on the wasps at Sigiriya rock.
There is a warning sign in the area informing about the presence of wasps, so tourists are advised to be quiet at all times.

It is dangerous in this part, but we managed to pass the semi bridge. Realized later that there is another safer way to get inside the murals. Taking pictures of the painted women on the walls is prohibited, but it was just a portrait of the women said to be the king’s wives. The area is being protected or guarded by local staff, ensuring no photo will be taken from that place.

Renovating at Sigiriya rock fortress.
Some portion of the rock wherein rehabilitation is on-going. Railings were installed for the tourist to see women’s mural in the Sigiriya inner cave.
The view from the top of Sigiriya rock.
Before we reach the summit, we rested here where some guests chose to stay here and enjoyed the cold breeze from the mountain sky and not pursued climbing to the next level. The view was rewarding, and a lot of wild monkeys can see playing around the Sigiriya rock.

The Sigiriya rock has a lion designed, but the lion’s upper body is not detailed during our visits. Only the Lion claws are visible. Based on my readings, the lion rock was built by a King in the fifth century and became the Unesco World Heritage site in 1982.

The lion claws, Sigiriya rock.
The entrance to the upper level of Sigiriya Rock. The famous colossal stone lion claws.

We decided to let my husband go up the stairs alone. We also feel that it’s dangerous for small kids to go up higher as it’s crowded because of the two-way people going up and down the stairs.

The hardest climbed at Sigiriya rock.
It’s physically challenging for kids, so we waited for my husband to finish the climbed.

On our way down the ancient rock, our son caught the attention of the cobra. Just after we passed the Cobra cave, a man with a flute offering to any tourists the snake dance show, controlling the snake without biting him. Paid him to show it to the kids and performed the flute, the snake being hypnotized going high up the air.

The python show at Sigiriya Rock.
The cobra show at Sigiriya rock fortress.

The man assisted our son took a picture with the other snake in his basket. Our son was bravely holding on to the snake while it rested on his neck. It looks like our son enjoyed watching the python rather than climbing up the Sigiriya rock. The man required every tourist to pay for 300 rupees, but we gave him 500rupees since we took some time playing with the snake.

A python from Sigiriya rock.
A photo with the snake at the Cobra cave, Sigiriya rock, Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

An information at sigiriya rock to keep it clean during the visits.
A reminder to all the tourists to help Sigiriya rock clean.

After a tiring journey from Sigiriya rock, we asked our driver to drop us at our next hotel. Our driver turned to be as the tourist guide waited for us at the Sigiriya rock entrance and called him once we arrived at the ground.


Our home for three nights and three days in Sri Lanka, booked via Agoda, included the free breakfast. The hotel staffs are so friendly and assisted us from the day we arrived until we left their vicinity. The ambiance is perfect as it is situated in a farm-like place with forestry vibes everywhere we look. They have a pool, but we didn’t bother to swim because of the rainy season during our visits.

Booked the Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka for our stay in Dambulla.
The proof of our transaction at
Family room we stayed in Sigiriana hotel.
Our family room, with an additional bed for my husband.
A pool of Sigiriana hotel.
A pool just under the restaurant area.
Relaxing vibes of Sigiriana hotel.
The other side of the hotel is this quiet place near the ricefield. What a beautiful site to enjoy every single day with the sounds of the birds chirping everywhere.

We got a shower right away at the hotel and went to the restaurant at 6 PM. Children were so hungry and can’t find any kids snacks at the store during our tour. Not familiar with the Sri Lankan foods somehow, so we can’t buy anything that will suit our stomach.

Our first dinner in Sigiriana hotel.
Ordered Fried rice for kids with a sunny side up eggs for dinner.
The foods we ordered for dinner at Sigiriana hotel.
An Indian Curry and Chapati for husband and I, but we find it too spicy.

Overall we enjoyed our first-day mini-adventure in Sri Lanka. As usual, we went to bed early to prepare ourselves for another physically challenging tour on the next day. Keep following until we finish this family refreshment vacation story from us. Thank you for reading.