Back in Thailand and Experienced Safari World and Asiatique, the Riverside

We arrived in Thailand at around 4 pm, Day 9 of our Family refreshment vacation. Since it’s still early, we decided to use our time to visit the new famous floating mall in Thailand- The Asiatique Riverfront. Thailand is known for many floating markets as tourist attractions, so we made sure to see their newly built floating market on a riverside. The Asiatique Riverside is the first largest riverside project in Thailand, combining shopping, dining, sightseeing, and other activities in one roof.

Shy view from Myanmar.
Sky view from Myanmar just after our airplane took off.
Our Agoda bookings when we stayed at Thailand.
We stayed at FX Hotel Metrolink Makkasan During our stay in Thailand.


Our hotel is just near the floating market, but we need to ride a subway train and boat to reach the place. We used the blue line subway to get near the riverside.

Subway Map Thailand.
Subway train coin tickets of Thailand.
The subway train coin chips as our ticket we got going to the riverside.
Subway gate, Thailand.
Our son ready to get into the station.

I got off after one station and walked up to the boat station; the boat took us to the floating mall. The ship served as a free shuttle service to everyone who wants to see the Asiatique riverside. Lines were always long even after the boat left. Lifevests are provided on all running vessels.

The free shuttle boat to Asiatique Thailand.
The Free shuttle boat.
Inside the Free shuttle boat.
Chairs were all used in every trip going to Asiatique Riverside.
Our boat arrived at Asiatique.
This photo is taken during our arrival at the shopping mall.

It was around 7 Pm when we arrived at the floating restaurant, and we are all so hungry. I just took a fast check of our surroundings, and we found ourselves looking for a restaurant to eat for our dinner. It was so many people by that time, and most of the restaurants were occupied with customers. We found one restaurant with a lot of seafood displayed outside and decided to sit inside. I think we ordered a lot by that night as we are all so hungry and tired after a full day of the walk. Thai foods are one of our favorite cuisines, and yes, we all ate everything we ordered. Tasted so well, delicious, and we are all satisfied. Good job to the staff who cooked our food, whoever they are.

Our dinner at Asiatique the riverside Thailand.
Our meal is composed of Grilled squid tentacles, fried potato, sauteed vegetables, fried crab rice, fried chicken.
The thai cuisines at Asiatique the riverside.
And also this fried big fish.
Photo at Asiatique Thailand.
We took a photo after eating while we watched different kinds of a boat sailing on the river.

After this, we went home. We rode the shuttle boat again and went to the subway train to reach our hotel. We did stop by at a convenience store near our hotel and bought some dessert for the kids and then sleep right away.


We woke up so early on the following day, our flight to Colombo, Sri-Lanka, is on the same day. The scheduled flight is late in the afternoon, so we thought that less than a day is still enough to visit one place in Thailand. Although we are in a hurry, we decided to visit Bangkok Safari for our children to see different kinds of animals once again. We asked the tourists assistance from our hotel, booked us a private car, settled everything, including our lunch on that day, tickets or entrance fee, and viola, we were at safari after around 3 hours of drive.

The ticket booth at Bangkok Safari.
The Ticket booth. Our driver fixed everything, and we never bother to get off our car.
The Admission fee at Safari world Thailand.
The rate of admission choices available in every event in Bangkok Safari. The Safari is divided into parks, which are the Safari park and marine park.

We first choose to see the safari, an open zoo where we need to ride the car. It’s like touring inside the jungle kind of feeling because you might encounter dangerous animals inside the forest. The vehicle is not that near to the animals, just enough to make a glimpse of the animals. Safari has a vast collection of different species of animals.

Our Open zoo tour at Safari World Thailand.
My daughter was looking outside our car to see some birds flying outside.
Passed by this bird park at Safari World Thailand.
The bird park.
The zebras at Safari world Thailand.
A group of Zebras along our way.
The camels of Safari World.
The camels of Safari World.
We have seen a group of Rhinoceros of Safari World.
Rhinoceros inside their fences.
The Thailand Safari World Map as of December 2019.
The map of the Safari world as of December 2019. It is impossible to tour the safari by foot as it is around 480 acres.
The deer of Safari Thailand.
The Deer of Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand.
The tiger living in Safari World Thailand.
A tiger while resting under the tree.
The bull of Safari World Thailand.
Not so sure, but I think its a Carabao or a bull.

After touring around the safari for I guess 45 minutes, we continue to journey to the marine park. AT the entrance of the park is this tiger mascot that we took a photo before entering.

The mascot of Safari world Thailand.
A photo beside a mascot of Safari World Bangkok, Thailand. Be careful as the man wearing the mascot asks for money from those who want to take a picture. We paid 20Baht for our vision, although a lot of Indian tourist doesn’t settle.
The parrots of Safari World, Thailand.
The eye-catching parrots at the entrance of Safari park.
The talking parrots of Safari World Thailand.
A group of parrot that keeps on singing to the tourists.
The dolphin Show of Safari Thailand.
We made sure to watch the dolphin show of the Safari.

We saw tourist information inside the safari for those guests who want to know the events and schedule of the Safari.

The tourists information of Safari world Thailand.
The information Office of Safari World.
A photo booth with the tiger cubs.
A tiger cubs are on a show to which one can take a picture of it for 700Baht.
The jungle walk of the safari world.
We entered the jungle walk as well, to which most of the mammals are housing.
The orangutan show.
Watched the orangutan show.
The boxing orangutan show of Safari Thailand.
The orangutan Show.
The audience anticipating the orangutan show at Safari world, Thailand.
The show has a lot of audiences when the pandemic COVID 19 is not known yet worldwide.

The orangutan show is fun; however, I find it was not fit for children as it came with fighting scenes and removing clothes from some of the orangutans. I understand they are just for fun, but I won’t bring our kids to orangutan show again as a mother of two. Somehow we move on to the next event, which is the Elephant show.

The elephant show of Safari Thailand.
The elephants were showing off their balancing skills with their respective trainer.
The elephant show stadium at Safari world, Bangkok Thailand.
The stadium for the elephant show became so crowded when the show began.
The segment of elephant show dencing with its respective cheer leader.
The dancing elephants with their cheerleader mentor riding on their back.

We enjoyed the animal shows, especially this elephant show, as they showcase a lot of talent together with the zoo staff. One event from the show was that an elephant crossed on the human while lying down the floor. I find it fun, and a little bit scary simultaneously and so suspense as the audience waited for the elephant’s next move. Luckily the elephant successfully steps his bigfoot at the right place and at the right time. I know there is nothing to worry about because they are all well trained, but as one of the audience watching the show, it was a kind of scary feeling of suspense, but later on, had fun watching this show with the biggest yet the cutest animals in the world as the main star of the show.

Two volunteers for the elephant show of Bangkok Thailand, Safari World.
Two volunteers from the audience were selected, as the elephant massages them first and later on crossed on their back during the volunteered lay on the ground.

Later the show, we paid for a basket of food and fed the elephants. Many tourists did the same thing and requested a photo on the elephant while we provide them.

Feeding time of elephants at Safari World Bangkok Thailand.
Our experience is feeding the elephants.
The giant turtle of Safari World, Thailand.
We watched the turtle swim too.
The flamingos of Safari world.
Flamingos are present too inside the world safari.
The fish of Safari world Thailand.
This yellowfish caught our attention as well.
The bridge of Safari world Thailand.
A bridge was connecting the aviary park and jungle park.

As we go furthermore with our adventure in Safari World, we moved on to our last lunch in Thailand. Our lunch was included in our bookings from the tourist assistance in our hotel, and they arrange everything. They just gave us the coupon so we could enter the hall.

The Safari Aviary Restaurant, Thailand.
The Safari World luncheon area. The arrangement was so beautiful, clean, and well organized.
Out ticket coupon at Safari world Thailand.
Our Coupon for our lunch at Safari world Thailand.
The buffet foods of Safari World.
The arrangement of the buffet area. The food was all delicious.
The hot noodle soup of Safari World Thailand.
Our favorite hot noodle from Thailand, Safari World, we repeatedly got a lot of this noodle bowl to satisfy our hungry stomach. We have tasted so plentiful and delicious foods.
A photo right before we start our meal.
This is us while eating inside the hall.
The Aviary restaurant where we has our lunch at Safari World.
Our luncheon hall is located at Aviary Restaurant, where we spotted many birds while on our way to the restaurant.
Feeding the birds at Safari world Thailand.
I went to see the bird’s nest after lunch. We bought food for the birds. It came and settled in my son’s hand while eating the bird’s food on his palm.

Our firstborn loved animals such as birds, so he is so happy seeing birds right in front of his hands.

The alligator of Safari World Thailand.
We came to see this group of the alligator in the cage.
The marine Park entrance gate of Safari WOrld Thailand.
Failed to see the Marine Park as we need to move on to our next schedule, going to the airport. We ended our tour by taking a picture in front of Marine Park.

Before I end this blog, I remember many tourists, mainly Indian tourists, from the Safari asking a photo of our 3-year-old daughter. We refused to let them take a picture of our daughter for security and safety reasons. However, nobody requests to take a photo of our eldest son. If you encounter the same, please take extra precautions for your child. Overall, We enjoyed our short vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.