Our Sado Island Tour Experience (Day 2)

Click here to read first Our Sado Island Day Tour on Day 1. On to our second day on Sado island and we started our day with another delicious food from the hotel. The breakfast is served at 6:30 in the morning. They serve a kind of seafood and veggies with hot soup, simple but delicious.

How we came to Sado island is in this link via the Car ferry.

Our breakfast on the second day at Sado Island.

Right after our breakfast, we went down the beach again to watch and catch for some small fish at the ocean and later on release it again when we left the ocean.

Patiently catching some small fishes.
We caught three fishes of different kinds and our son was so happy, released just before we left the ocean.
The entrance of the hotel but this time we are saying goodbye as we need to move on to our next tour.

At around 10 am we left the hotel and head on the next destination. It was hot on the second day so the view of the seaside coast during our road trip is so visible. Now going to the Southwestern part of the island and stop by at the restaurant along our route for a lunch.

The restaurant is crowded with a local people and many are waiting for their turn to eat in this restaurant.

We ate rice for lunch and some spicy ramen. The food was just fine and simple.

After our lunch, we headed on the next tourist spot of Sado Island the Nishimikawa gold park.

Nishimikawa Gold Park

The oldest among the other tourist destination in Sado where one could experience collecting gold dust mine from the ruins nearby river.

The price of the entrance ticket at the gold park.
Wearing of mask upon entering is a requirement.
The Nishimikawa Gold mine ticket.

Upon entering a collected gold from the said Nishimikawa is on display.

Gold at the Nishimikawa gold park.

Nishimikawa Park has a big lawn space for tourists who wants to experience the old process of collecting gold dust. You need to scoop sand under the water and shake off the sand from the mining plate until you see the gold dust at the bottom.

Vacant hall for collecting the gold dust.
Showing an old way of collecting the gold dust at Sado Island.
Our firstborn is eager to find the gold dust.

Based on my experience it is not easy to find the gold dust, we are allowed to search for gold within 30 minutes and my back is a little bit painful afterward. Luckily I found around 12 gold dust for our children and kept it at the two pendants as a remembrance.

One of the gold dust I found during our visit to Nishimikawa gold park.

We put it at a small container at first and transfer it to the pendants we bought from the store of the gold park.

Our gold dust being transferred at the pendant we bought from the store of Nishimikawa pendant.
Pendant is at 1500 Yen each, in keychain or pendant style.

After the gold park we planned to visit Toki no Mori Park.

Toki no Mori Park

This is a breeding facility of the famous scarlet ibis open for all the tourists but closed during our visit. Closed for the month of July 2020 due to the Corona Virus. Took a few snaps at the entrance of the park since it was closed.

The Terrace of Toki

We went directly to the Terrace of Toki after the park and it was closed as well for the month of July the same with the Toki no Mori Park. This terrace is said to have a good view when you are on the top of the building giving an experience like a Toki bird once it flies at the sky.

The second floor Terrace Toki building. Closed due to pandemic COVID-19.

It’s about time that we need to catch the ferry back to Niigata City so we decided to return to the port and lined our car for boarding. The staff of the car ferry port guided us upon while we eat at the nearby shopping mall.

This is the end of our Sado island tour. We enjoyed it a lot as this is our first trip of the year. We could not have it in any other way. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and will come back for another trip here in Japan. See You!

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